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The course First Sale by Friday by Digital Traffic Ace walks you through various digital marketing techniques to help you convert more sales for your business.


Start on Monday and get your First Sale by Friday with Jeremy Salem on Digital Traffic Ace

The course First Sale by Friday will teach you how to start on Monday and have your first sales by Friday without needing a store, inventory, or even having to speak to a customer. Your instructor, Jeremy Salem will walk you through every step to boost your sales including technical setup, event setup, private email setup, creating ads and setting up reporting, analyzing ads performance, as well as how to create unique messages and protect your ads account. Especially, the course First Sale by Friday will show you how to use the ATM method, which stands for Add, Tag, Message.

The ATM method allows you to move through the sales funnel step-by-step. Over-connecting with Facebook pals may be a problem. While maintaining a neutral stance, express your thoughts in a thoughtful way. Connect with the person you’re talking to, and then use the discussion to provide information about your current employment role. Introduce a third-party tool instead of promoting your Facebook group after the user has accepted to hear more. The material may be a video, an infographic, or anything else that provides value and reveals more about your company. Once you’ve sent this along, you can either wait for a response or write a follow-up asking whether they’d want to join the group.

The course curriculum of First Sale by Friday

    • Welcome: Introduction
  • Prework
      • Lesson 1: Technical Setup 
      • Lesson 2: Setting up Your Private Email
      • Lesson 3: Event Setup
      • Creating a Simple Logo for Your Facebook Page
  • Day 1: The ATM Method
    • Day 2: From Idea to Implementation: Creating Designs 
  • Day 3: Ad Creation
      • Creating Ads 
      • Setting up Reporting
  • Day 4: Analyzing Ads Performance
  • Bonus
      • The 5×5 Productivity Framework
      • Your Cheatsheet
      • Keeping Your Account Safe
  • Q&A Calls
    • Q&A Call #1
    • Q&A Call #2: Creating Unique Messages 
    • Q&A Call #3: Campaigns Update
    • Q&A Call 4
    • Q&A Call 5
    • Q&A Call 6: Running a Standalone Store Using the Shineon App

About your instructor Jeremy Salem 

Jeremy Salem-Amazon4trader

The President of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing firm, as well as an author, product designer, and online business strategist at Digital Traffic Ace, Jeremy Salem has over a decade of experience in the industry. His other passion is sports, and he can be seen continually pacing around the coffee table and yelling at the television during games. On top of all that, he is well-known for shelling out $22 every three weeks for haircuts despite the fact that his hair has been falling out since his senior year of high school.

Why the sales page Digital Traffic Ace exits


Since launching his own firm in 2011, Jeremy Salem has exclusively concentrated on offering done-for-you marketing campaigns for companies, and creating reports that tie it all together for entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners that want to swiftly develop their enterprises. There is a whole industry of digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and company owners eager to learn how to accomplish these things on their own. How to build an internet company is what they want to learn about. Jeremy Salem has been able to help thousands of people achieve their objectives and execute methods in their own lives and enterprises by developing a community based on marketing techniques and entrepreneurship in general. Those courses are now available to you via Digital Traffic Ace’s sales website.

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