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Wallstreet Trappin

$297.00 $35.00

After learning Wallstreet Trappin course, you will have lifelong access to it. It is divided into 13 parts, each of which focuses on a different facet of investment.


Bank and FIG Modeling – Wall Street Prep

$399.00 $40.00

Tailored for FIG professionals in banking, equity research, and corporate finance, this course provides comprehensive training on bank financial statements, key drivers, and regulatory frameworks.


Oil & Gas Modeling – Wall Street Prep

$499.00 $50.00

This course is for finance professionals aiming for success in Oil & Gas careers. It covers O&G accounting, financial statement analysis, projection drivers, and Net Asset Value modeling.


2023 SI Indicator Course

$967.00 $100.00

This course will provide you with the following skills: Guidance on drawing precise, influential SI zones, six unique trading setups, strategies for utilizing ATR for trade entry and stop placement.


Course – The City Traders

$99.00 $12.00

The City Traders program is designed to help you gain an edge and advance in your trading journey. If you’re dedicated to succeeding as a funded trader, this program is tailored for you.


True Momentum System – Simplertrading

$1,297.00 $140.00

Sam unveils a system that automatically adapts to both trending and non-trending conditions, eliminating subjective analysis. Through innovative tools like Trend Oscillator Pro X, Hi Lo Pro X, and True Momentum Score.