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Download the 10X Bars Indicator version 2022 by John Carter and accelerate your price action trading level. Catch the chances now and go big in trading!


10X Bars Indicator 2022 by John Carter – Your ultimate tool for trading price action

The 10X Bars Indicator 2022 enables you to enter more, larger, and quicker settings early. It enables you to determine if you should seek explosive purchase settings, implosion, sell setups, or avoid fake out congested zones. Additionally, you will be able to detect movements with home run potential when volume is at least 50% above normal. The 10X Bars may be used to swiftly assess the trend’s quality and strength.

The 10x Bars Indicator is designed to swiftly assess the trend’s quality and strength using a more advanced computation of the ADX and DMI. The 10X Bars eliminate the need for a separate set of indicators by displaying the computation immediately on your charts, simplifying decision-making.

The 10X Bars are an excellent complement to the Squeeze since they may act as a confirmation to remain in a moving chart or as an early warning to exit.

The remarkable features of 10X Bars Indicator

  • Identify three 10x Bars strength levels quickly and simply
  • Discover intraday and swing trading opportunities
  • 10x Bars may be used on any period that you trade
  • Exact entrance and exit regulations, including early identification of signals
  • Trade anything including Futures, Options, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies using the 10X Bars Indicator.

One more powerful bonus from the 10X Bars Indicator package: Indicator Setup

The designer of these powerful tools, Eric Purdy, will lead you through everything step by step in this pre-recorded session. As a result, you can set up and test your new 10x Bars Indicator is simple and straightforward since 

Introducing your trainer John Carter


John Carter is widely known as the man behind the sales page Simpler Trading – one of the most brilliant educational platforms in the trading world. He started to trade full-time in 1996. Three years later, he built the website to share his trading ideas, which turned into Simpler Trading as current. 

Beside working as a full-time trader, John Carter is also a published author whose work Mastering the Trade 3rd edition has become the #1 best seller on Amazon. Whenever the market go volatilities, traders turn to him for his trading and strategies. He founded Simpler Trading in order to create a community in which every trader can learn from others simply and nurture their success on the journey making a living from trading. 

Describing the sales page Simpler Trading

Simpler-Trading-Amazon for Trader

Simpler Trading is known as one of the most informative and helpful educational platforms for traders at all levels. You can easily find various online trading courses, trading tools, and trading indicators that can be applied in all markets. In addition, Simpler Trading provides you with a wide range of services serving your trading such as premium videos released every week night, live trading chat room to share ideas after hours, real-time trading alerts which can be seen from any devices, and so much more.

The best part of Simpler Trading is that it gathers a number of dedicated traders in various areas to help you along your trading journey. Each member from this site was hand-picked by its founder, John Carter, aka legendary in the trading world. If you are looking for a place to get every trading concept simplified and learn the most practical trading strategies, Simpler Trading is the one for you.

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