5 Star Options Income Elite Package by Simpler Trading

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This course teaches you the 5 star options income strategy to make money trading weekly options in any market conditions. Overcome the volatility now!

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Trading options is not too difficult if you grasp all the basic concepts and master the strategies to profit in this market. However, when the market is constantly volatile, you need a mentor to guide you through the wild and make consistent income for your trading. Congratulations, you have come to the right place. The course 5 Star Options Income by Danielle Shay from Simpler Trading will teach you this lucrative strategy, empowering you to make astonishing money trading weekly options. Keep reading to see if this course is ideal for you.

What is a 5 Star Options Income Strategy and how does it work?

When trading in a turbulent market, you must be considerably more accurate in order to maintain a steady profit. After developing her 5-Start Options Income Plan, Danielle Shay became known for her ability to consistently outperform the market and adapt in the face of significant market volatility.

It is possible to locate, target, and take gains from trades using the 5 Star Options Income Strategy without spending all day on the market. The 5 Star Options Money Plan is a great option if you want to produce a regular stream of income each week without having to worry about market volatility.

Everyone is on the lookout for a method that they can depend on to consistently increase their output. If you’re looking for a steady flow of cash each week, this technique is a great fit. Using Danielle’s 5-Star Options Income Plan, you may earn a steady income even when the market is volatile and master how to make money trading weekly options

What you will get with the 5 Star Options Income Elite Package of Simpler Trading

This course not only gives instruction but also trading tools that will assist you in effortlessly overcoming the market’s wildness and bringing your income to the next level of consistency. Throughout the 5 Star Options Income Strategy training program, you will discover how to make money trading weekly options, how to master your mind for improved decision-making, and how to use technical abilities to improve your trading success. This package includes the following:

Recorded 5 Star Options Income Strategy Class 

In unpredictable market situations, this class provides the key to successful trading management. With Danielle Shay’s help, you’ll learn how to place trades precisely and avoid being knocked out of the market prematurely. You’ll learn how to deal with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and develop a trading strategy that nets you profits.

Danielle also teaches you how to keep track of your transactions no matter what the market does, and you may follow her technique to earn consistent money. This taped strategy session contains more than three hours of Danielle’s 5 Star Options Income Plan insights.

Psychology of Trading Sessions 

As part of a special session, John Carter provides insights on how to train your brain to make more money while Danielle addresses the essentials of mastering your trading attitude. Being more comfortable with high earnings might help any trader who wants to quickly expand their account. Long-term trading success requires a focused attitude. It’s imperative that you master your emotions via the use of tried-and-true trader psychology techniques.

The Squeeze Indicator 

The 5-Star Options Income Plan relies heavily on the Squeeze Indicator, which is hailed as the trading instrument that laid the basis for Simpler Trading. With this technique, you can see potential opportunities in the market by seeing when the Squeeze is going to trigger and in which direction prices are likely to move.

The 8_34 EMA Cross Indicator

8 34 Exponential Moving Average Cross Indicator is a trigger for a price reversal in the form of an exponential moving average cross (EMA). A chance to make a trade may be seen when the 8 and 34 EMAs cross on the same chart. To uncover her most lucrative transactions, Danielle keeps an eye on this metric.

11 Fibonacci Price Tool Videos 

ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, and other popular trading systems are currently supporting the 8_34 EMA Cross Indicator. These video tutorials show you how to utilize the Fibonacci pricing tools on each platform correctly. Tracking Fibonacci retracements on the charts of the stocks you’re interested in will be a breeze.

Live Trading Session Recordings 

Understanding the essential strategies presented in the Strategy Class is made easier by watching experts trade during market hours throughout three days of recorded Live-Trading sessions. Everything you’ve studied comes together to help you put what you’ve learned to use. This session was led by Danielle Shay, John Carter, and Henry Gambell from Simpler Trading  Team.

Ready Aim Freedom Class 

This class is for novice traders who are looking to build a modest trading portfolio while taking advantage of short-term, directional trends. In this class you will learn: 

  • How Danielle selects low-risk settings using basic setups she has developed over the previous five years
  • How Danielle altered some of Simpler Trading’s most successful tactics for beginning traders and lower accounts
  • How to identify significant trends for directional option trades
  • Small-account owner Danielle’s squeeze checklist.

Learn more about your mentor Danielle Shay 


In addition to being a trader and market analyst, Danielle Shay is also an expert commentator. She began trading as a means to achieve financial independence so that she could care for her little boy and live anywhere she wanted. For the last several years, she’s worked as the VP of Options at Simpler Trading, where she does everything from trade to education to writing. A former teacher who has a love for trading, she aims to assist traders understand the fundamentals that make trading easier, regardless of their skill level.

Danielle has been on a variety of platforms, including CNBC, Fox News, the Nasdaq TradeTalks series, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, and In John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, you may read her tale and her main subject of study, the Five Star Setup. As a momentum trader, she focuses on spotting relative strength trading setups and trading them utilizing equities options, stocks, and ETFs. As a former teacher, her mission is to assist traders to move from zero to trading using her step-by-step, top-down method.

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