Basecamptrading – Impulse Trading System

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Basecamptrading – Impulse Trading System

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The course Impulse Trading System by Base Camp Trading provides a competitive edge in the trading market that helps you better manage your risks and profit.  

Benefit from the course Impulse Trading System with Base Camp Trading

It is referred to as an impulse wave pattern in technical trading jargon when a substantial price gain happens in the context of a specific asset’s major trend. This is a word that is commonly used while discussing Elliott Wave theory. Impulse waves are responsible for the creation of uptrends and downtrends. In order to profit from a directional trending move in an underlying stock that lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, it is necessary to place an impulsive order in the first place.

In intraday trading, the Impulse Trading Method, which employs small time frame charts, is a very efficient strategy that enables us to catch intraday trending swings that last between 20 and 40 minutes. Because of this, we have the possibility to observe between two and four directional trades per day, depending on the market. Options at the money (delta 50) are utilized to give leverage and liquidity to the system, respectively. Both bullish and bearish swings employ the same approach for impulse trading, which is the same in both circumstances, to profit from price movements. The following are the subjects covered in the Base Camp Trading course Impulse Trading System: 

  • The Impulse Charts
  • The Impulse Trade
  • The Impulse Trade : Entry
  • The Impulse Trade : Management
  • The Impulse Trade : Exit
  • The Intraday Impulse Plan
  • The Impulse Trade – Bearish Example

Know more about your instructor Dave Aquino

Impulse Trading System – Basecamp Trading

Dave Aquino – Impulse Trading System – Basecamp Trading

Dave Aquino is a brilliant trader with a varied variety of talents who has more than two decades of real-world trading and portfolio management experience. He started his career at Merrill Lynch and went on to manage over $650 million in assets for Vanguard Asset Management, where he specialized in option income techniques. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Vanguard Asset Management, where he presently serves on the board of directors, is his current employer. Furthermore, Dave Aquino has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Along with his role as a partner at Base Camp Trading, Dave Aquino has extensive experience instructing individuals on how to profit from the option trading market. As well as private equity and venture capital, David has a deep interest in the realm of technology.

A brief description of the sales page Base Camp Trading

Base Camp Trading was established to educate people like you, who are not expert Wall Street traders and do not have millions of dollars to stake, how to trade correctly and consistently earn from their investments. In order to hit singles and doubles, Base Camp Trading members must first grasp why hitting home runs is desirable. If you join our club after learning this lesson the hard way, you will meet other traders who have lost a considerable amount of money trading but have turned it around and are now consistently successful. In addition to developing fantastic trading tools and teaching, Base Camp Trading refuses to settle for anything less than the finest.

Impulse Trading System – Basecamp Trading

Impulse Trading System – Basecamp Trading

Each new product, software, or training program is the direct result of the company’s commitment to understanding and caring about the issues, demands, and wishes of its clients. Base Camp Trading handles each challenge with a positive, can-do attitude in order to achieve great things for our customers, despite the fact that everyone suffers and things do not always go as planned. Every daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goal is targeted on supporting traders in their objectives, whether on a little or large scale.

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