Thecommercialinvestor – Commercial Syndication Modeler

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Thecommercialinvestor – Commercial Syndication Modeler.

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Thecommercialinvestor – Commercial Syndication Modeler

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Commercial Syndication Modeler

It’s time to close the deal. 
Show your investors the cold, hard numbers.

If you’re new to the game, you may not have had to create a pro forma. The task can be daunting for even the most experienced commercial real estate professionals. Assembling accurate numbers is essential to closing the deal, and you have one chance to get it right. Why spend endless hours researching and trying to decipher what is needed in this vital series of spreadsheets? Instead, rely on Dandrew to help you succeed! As always, we don’t just tell you how to close deals, we show you. Our outstanding Commercial Syndication Modeler is an exceptional template saving you both time and headaches.

Chances are you’ve already allocated a significant amount of time and energy on a project performing due diligence and building investor relationships. Now it’s time to use our practical Excel template to input your project numbers and instantly know if you have a deal. The template’s ergonomic design will help you present to investors, and prove that you have a strong deal. Demonstrate how the numbers work and where each investor will fit into the capital structure. In addition to the Excel model, Intermediaries will also receive a video tutorial explaining the purpose of each worksheet and how to determine accurate numbers. This is one Excel template that you will use repeatedly, saving you time and making you a ton of money.

Commercial Syndication Modeler

Modeler Highlights

Project Overviews That Sell
One of the most influential sections of your business plan is the Project Overview Worksheet. At a glance, potential investors will know debt assumptions, equity assumptions and equity return showing both unleveraged and leveraged scenarios.

Strategic Projections
Investors want to see the numbers and that’s exactly what they’ll get.The cash flow statement provides a comprehensive overview of the projects operating, investing and financing activities. Cash flow capabilities are identified, and all expenses & revenues demonstrated.

Risks & Rewards
The rent roll reveals tenant assumptions and occupancy details while the rollover schedule determines a key risk factor in commercial real estate financing. The lease rollover risk forecasts the possibility of lease renewal troubles.

The Capital Stack Revealed
The Sources & Uses worksheet lists investors (bank loan, equity partner or operating partner), indicating where each investor’s funds will be utilized and the overall capital structure.

Commercial Syndication Modeler

What’s Included

Dandrew Media is passionate about helping our Intermediaries to be ultra-successful in commercial real estate. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we know what it takes to attract investors and close the deal. Work our system and you too can live a prosperous life fueled by commercial real estate investing.

With the purchase of your modeler, you’ll receive:

* Instructional DVD
* Modeler Training Manual
* Fully- Customizable Modeler

Commercial Syndication Modeler

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