Copyhackers – Conversion Copywriting – Homepage Optimization Course


Copyhackers – Conversion Copywriting – Homepage Optimization Course

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Copyhackers – Conversion Copywriting – Homepage Optimization Course

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Sale Page : copyhackers

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Conversion Copywriting vs Regular Old Copywriting Before we begin…

What is conversion copywriting? How is it different from other kinds of copywriting, like writing brochures or ads?

The Conversion Copywriting Course by Copy Hackers is the 10-week online program that will take you thru the 3-Phase Process we use to write high-converting, test- Trust our reputation. We only create the most useful, actionable and informed copywriting training for startups, marketers, designers and consultants. Youve got 30 days to see if the course wows you. If it doesnt, well refund every penny. All 10 videos, 3 bonus videos and Office Hours recordings are yours for good. Just sign in online, and watch (and rewatch) until youve got it down pat.


Week1 phase I Hunt Down Raw Messages
See exactly how to use Amazons plentiful reviews – and how to audit your competitors sites – to find YOUR messages, even if you have no customers.

Week2 phase I Raw Messages, Part II
If your websites up-and-running and youve got customers, youll learn what to do to pull your next big message outta them!

Week3 phase I Organize All That Data!
This week, were still finding your message but were taking the raw data youve collected and slotting it into a report you can use and reuse to make sense o yer messages

Week4 phase I Features vs Benefits
As we close off Phase I: Find Your Message, youll pin down your messages, figure out your layers of benefits and more!

Copyhackers – Conversion Copywriting

Week7 phase II Reverse Engineering
Youve got everything you need to rewrite a page – so watch and see why I did what I did for the 51 lift case study.

Week8 phase II Editing & Creative Direction
Your messages have been shaped into a first-draft home page so lets amp it up with some serious polishing via editing.

Week9 phase III A/B Testing Essentials
Lance will cover the foundations of A/B testing. Great if youre brand new to testing or to fill in some gaps in how youve been testing.

Week10 phase III Wrapping Up
Youve found messages, organized them, wireframed a page, edited & polished it and split-test it. Now, see when to stop a test and what to do next!

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