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Download David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator by Simpler Trading and simplify your trades by automatically spotting the trend and enter/exist signals. 


David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator from Simpler Trading – A new trading tool for trend identification

David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator, which automatically picks accurate trend trades with built-in trailing stop levels, can be used on almost any symbol or time period, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and currencies. This indicator works with Tradestation and/or ThinkOrSwim. 

What makes this new indication even more effective is that it may be utilized as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with an existing plan. Not only does Trend Spark illustrate entry and departure points, but it also determines objective stop levels. These automatically created levels assist you in determining the appropriate time to exit a losing trade. Even better, David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator automatically identifies trailing stops, indicating when to exit with gains.

Consider being able to determine the current trend on any chart at a glance. Following that, envision having distinct, objective entrance and departure locations that plot in real time. That is when you will be able to identify trend trades without relying on guesswork or analytical paralysis. That is precisely the purpose of David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator.

What is the function of David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator

  • Recognize the main pattern across any time period
  • As early as possible, make exact entries while filtering out noise
  • Provide objective starting points for delving into broader themes.
  • Take advantage of market reversals at the most favorable levels
  • Indicate where to stop your losses if a move does not pan out
  • Automatically adjust the trailing stop levels to allow for greater potential profits.

Meet your course leaders David Starr and Neil Yeager

About David Starr

David Starr is the Mad Scientist at Simpler Trading. He is a theoretical mathematician by training who earned his MBA first in his class and now trades full-time in addition to assisting Simpler Trading customers in achieving their own success. 

Many may see David’s academic accomplishments and expertise as a strategic management consultant, developing businesses and bringing them public as excellent preparation for success in financial markets. David Starr explains his trading lessons and his knack for coming up with novel and original solutions to issues. Nonetheless, traders of all levels of expertise benefit from his technical indicators and the out-of-the-box thinking that may help them progress.

About Neil Yeager

Neil Yeager is a statistician and specialist in intraday futures, currencies, and commodities trading. He has an abundance of commercial expertise. His mix of market profiling, Japanese candlesticks, and statistical data gleaned through personal research on the /ES can significantly increase your understanding of the markets. 

Neil Yeager is systematic and careful in his entry decisions, and his trades have great risk-reward ratios. Statistical modeling and backtesting bolster Neil’s tactics. If you are a futures trader, you simply cannot afford to miss Neil’s daily analysis in the Futures Gold Room. Even if you’re not a futures trader, his scientific approach to market research can undoubtedly help you enhance your trading.

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