Deep Dive Butterfly Trading Class – SJG Trades

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While enrolled in the 7+ Hour Deep Dive Butterfly course, many traders discover significant benefits from observing a professional trader executing these trades in real-time within the live markets.


These are just some of the highlights of what this deep dive class covers:

  • 🎥 How to make money with Butterfly Options Trading
  • 🎥 Deep Dive classes consisting of 8+ hours of content
  • 🎥 What are the best entry conditions for butterflies
  • 🎥 What makes the butterfly one of the BEST trades for beginner AND professional traders
  • 🎥 Exploration of a wide range of butterfly style trades and when someone might want to consider each
  • 🎥 Extensive examples of when and how to adjust
  • 🎥 We explore a host of up market adjustments
  • 🎥 There is even a wider range of Down Market adjustments to consider
  • 🎥 Exploration and examples of how to use butterflies for Down Market Hedges on Longer Term Portfolio holdings
  • 🎥 Learn how to profit in up, down and sideways markets
  • 🎥 Direct access to message the instructor with any questions on the class content should you have questions

As you are taking the 7+ Hour Deep Dive Butterfly course, most traders find it VERY beneficial to also see how these are trades are being put on by a professional trader in the LIVE markets.

The Options Trading for Income – Alert Service is a very unique and educational alert service where I share my trades in SPX, RUT, SPY, QQQ and other ETF’s and stock as I make them, including the opening, subsequent adjustments and ultimate closing of Butterfly, Calendar, Condor, Vertical, Diagonal and many other trades that can last from 3-5 days to 50-60 days. But the REALLY UNIQUE PART is that each alert will consist of a brief video explanation of the trade and often brief discussions of alternative trades in case you have a different market sentiment.

Adding the “Options Trading for Income Alert Service” is the perfect add on.

Yes! Add 📈 Options Trading for Income Alert Service + Archived Trades Library 📚

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