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Enhance your options trading expertise and gain a competitive edge by mastering “Deep Dive Calendars and Diagonals.” Position yourself at the forefront of trading excellence with these advanced strategies.


Deep Dive Calendars & Diagonals Class 🎉

These are just some of the highlights of what this deep dive class covers:

  • 🎥 Section 2.0: Application of Time Spreads (8 mins)

Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive overview of how time spreads play a pivotal role in options trading.

  • 🎥 Section 2.1: Long vs. Short Calendars (19 mins)

Delve into the contrasting worlds of long and short calendars. Understand their unique advantages, risks, and ideal market conditions for each.

  • 🎥 Section 2.2: Put vs. Call Calendars

Demystify the choice between put and call calendars. Grasp their nuances and learn to employ them strategically based on market dynamics.

  • 🎥 Section 2.3: Calendars around Earnings

Navigate the earnings season with finesse. Discover the art of placing calendars around earnings announcements for maximum profit potential.

  • 🎥 Section 2.4: Limited Backtesting Information

Arm yourself with data-driven insights. Dive into selective backtesting scenarios to understand historical performance and refine your strategies.

  • 🎥 Section 2.5: Double and Triple Calendars

Multiply your potential with advanced calendar setups. Understand the intricacies of setting up, managing, and profiting from double and triple calendar strategies.

Unlock the strategies and insights to elevate your options trading game. With “Deep Dive Calendars and Diagonals,” position yourself at the forefront of trading excellence.

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