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The course Divergence Dominator Pro by Seasonal Swing Trader will provide you a competitive edge in technical trading using the Divergence indicator. 


Introducing the Divergence Dominator Pro package by Seasonal Swing Trader

If you want to have a reliable pattern for all market conditions, to have a strategy for all asset classes, or to be agnostic of market bias, Silas Peters will show you a pattern that results in trend reversals as well as show you the point where a trend is likely to reverse. Through this course, you will also learn a pattern with the least risk and highest rewards. If you are ready to learn a strategy that is not only low risk, high reward but also works in all markets, all timeframes, all asset classes, all market conditions, and all styles, then the course Divergence Dominator Pro by Seasonal Swing Trader is right for you. 

Divergence Dominator Pro is an indication of reversal or a continuation, but more often reversal. It can occur between the price of an asset and almost any technical or fundamental indicator or data. The Divergence indicator is typically sussed by technical traders when the price is moving in the opposite direction of a technical indicator. Positive divergence signals price starts moving higher soon, which occurs when the price is moving lower but a technical indicator is moving higher or showing bullish signals. Meanwhile, negative divergence points to lower prices in the future which occurs when the price is moving higher but technical indicators are moving lower or showing bearish signals. The Divergence Dominator Pro is the earliest indication of a reversal which is a good sign to scale into a position. It means that you are usually buying near the bottom or selling near the top. 

What’s included inside the course Divergence Dominator Pro by Seasonal Swing Trader

  • Turning Point Identifier Indicator (thinkorswim, tradestation, ninjatrader, tradingview, wealthcharts, metatrader 4)
  • DD Pro Scanner (tradestation, ninjatrader 8, thinkorswim)
  • On-demand Price Action Pro Master Class
  • Divergence Cheat Sheet
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognizer Guide
  • BONUS: TPI Slow/Fast Line Cheatsheet
  • BONUS: DD Pro Trade Journal

Learn more about your instructor Silas Peters

Silas Peters - Amazon for Trader

Silas Peters has been trading stocks, commodities, currencies, and options for over a decade. Right out of college, he started working on a worldwide trading desk at the Chicago Board of Trade, where he executed deals for hedge funds and banks, as well as high net worth individuals and institutional investors. While working on several trade desks, he has also assisted to run a number of futures and equities brokerage businesses by assisting in the day-to-day operations, trading, risk and support of these companies. He has previously worked as a private family office investment consultant and in trust and asset management banking divisions as a manager of fixed income and equities portfolios. There are a total of seven different series of securities and futures licensing that Silas Peters now has.

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Seasonal Swing Trader - Amazon for Trader

Seasonal Swing Trader is a trading platform that specializes in providing one-on-one mentoring, STP VIP, data mining, seasonal trade alerts, indicators for TOS, Indicators for TradeStation, and much more. Based on past seasonal patterns and market cycles spanning up to 40 years of historical market data, Seasonal Swing Trader generates quality, actionable trade ideas that tilt the odds in your favor by increasing the chance of success.

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