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Dyna Range for ThinkorSwim – Simplertrading

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Understand the Dyna Range for ThinkorSwim by Simpler Trading

The ThinkorSwim Dyna Range Indicator was designed using similar algorithms as the Voodoo Lines, but instead of using all time historical price data, the Dyna Range will adjust to current values on your chart. The Dyna Range, like a basic moving average and an exponential moving average, uses current time frames and trade data to generate and illustrate possible turning points and lengths of price moves in the market. When used in conjunction with the Ready. Aim. Fire! tool, it allows for a simple entry and target set up for any day or swing trader.

This indicator of Simpler Trading, Dyne Range for ThinkorSwim, helped John Carter earn more than $199k in less than 24 hours on his first trades and is recommended best used in combination with Ready. Aim. Fire! for the following reasons:

  • Through the RAF indicator, the combination of these two indications gives us both a price objective and an underlying measure of momentum.
  • When these indicators are combined, traders may see momentum turning points and profit targets in a market before the rest of the market.
  • When the DynaRange indicator is at a predicted level of support and Ready Aim Fire is oversold or generating a buy signal at a DynaRange support level, we want to purchase.
  • When the DynaRange indicator is at a predicted level of resistance and Ready Aim Fire is overbought or reporting a sell signal at a DynaRange resistance level, we want to sell.

Meet the Dyna Range for ThinkorSwim provider: David Starr

David Starr is adamant that knowing and regulating one’s own emotions is the key to trading success. Traders who have attended David’s seminars or listen to him daily in the Simpler Futures room use his insights to push their trading to the next level, much as David’s consulting customers valued his ability to deliver specialized insights into particular business circumstances. David recognizes that the same trading technique that allows one trader to approach markets in a calm, controlled manner optimal for profiting may elicit the emotional demons that cause account-destroying conduct in another.

Learn and trade alongside professional traders with Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading was founded by John Carter in 1999 and then faced one of the biggest challenges around 2015, which was a mess of outdated websites and difficult-to-use interfaces. A major upgrade was needed and had made the website become professional and still active at the present. The Simpler Trading Team is a group of enthusiastic mentors who are dedicated to bring traders from all over the word, at all levels, a more engaging and dynamic experience with their services. Because team members reside in different locations, the firm organizes quarterly offsite meetings and uses cutting-edge technology to keep all team members up to date. Traders eagerly anticipated the annual Simpler Trading Mentorship, an exclusive conference that included live trading, discussion panels, and a poker night.

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