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Figure out how Raghee Horner takes ETF profits in just 3 simple steps through the course ETF Finder Formula Elite Package from Simpler Trading

ETFs are securities that follow indices, sectors, commodities, or other assets and may be bought or sold on a stock market just like ordinary stocks. An ETF is designed to follow anything from the price of a single commodity to the performance of a wide range of different financial instruments. These exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may even be designed to follow particular investing methods. Simpler Trading’s ETF Finder Formula Elite Package includes a Raghee Horner-developed ETF formula that has been in use for over three decades.

What you will get in this ETF Finder Formula Elite Package 

  • Raghee’s ETF Finder Formula 
  • Darvas Box 3.0 
  • 2 Days Pro Live-Trading 
  • 2 Days Elite Live-Trading

A brief description of what you are going to learn from this Simpler Trading course

ETF Finder Formula by Raghee

To get the most out of your investment in ETFs, learn Raghee’s three main tactics in this strategy class. There are several ETF strategies out there, but Raghee’s is as easy as 1,2,3. Even better, this course is suitable for both new and experienced traders, regardless of the size of their account. Raghee’s Darvas Box 3.0 is included in this course. This is a self-programmed indication. There are also up to FOUR real trading days with Raghee to Darvas Box 3.0 included when you choose the Pro or Elite plan.

The new Darvas 3.0 

The new Darvas 3.0 indication takes automatic price action to a whole new level. Darvas 3.0 alerts traders when price reaches critical levels with color-coated arrows. Darvas was based around minor low and minor high patterns, and traders may now be notified when the price reaches such patterns. These automatic arrows will let you know when things are about to change and affirm when levels are solid and dependable.

2 Pro Live-Trading Days

Raghee will be live-trading with you right now. Looking over Raghee’s shoulder as she detects setups in real-time is the best way to learn about ETF mastery. These live, interactive online seminars allow you to receive answers to your queries on the market in real time. To quickly “make these tools your own,” you should utilize live trading, which allows for instantaneous application of what you’ve learned.

2 Days of Elite Live-Trading

All of the Basic and Pro Packages are included in the Elite Package, but you’ll also receive two Elite Live-Trading Days. To get the most out of your stay with Raghee, the Elite Package is the best option. In all, you’ll get four sessions to see Raghee’s day trading technique in action. The extra two days essentially double your chance to learn this technique and perhaps recover your whole investment.

Meet Raghee Horner – The author of ETF Finder Formula Elite Package


Trading style developed by Raghee Horner, the MD of Futures Trading, was system-inspired and methodical in its construction. The first step in becoming a trend trader is recognizing a broad market trend. She identifies emotion, momentum, and trend using three exponential moving averages and colored candles. A trader may approach the market with more objectivity using her techniques and indicators since they remove the unsubstantiated prejudice and emotions that might skew one’s assessment. Fundamentals, technicals, and price movement are all used by Raghee Horner to create a systematized, objective approach for trading stocks. When it comes to trading, Raghee is a specialist in everything from futures to spot currencies to options to stocks and everything in between. Regardless of where you want to trade, she’s your greatest bet for getting a foot in the door.

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Simpler Trading, as a pioneer in interactive financial trading education, also created the Ultimate Guide to Trading in a Margin Account Portfolio course. Since 1999, the company has provided expert advice and coaching to over 350,000 clients in the United States and around the globe. Simpler Trading’s employees together have over 200 years of market expertise, enabling them to provide comprehensive information and real-time trading guidance across equities, stock options, futures, and foreign exchange. With Simpler Trading, all of your trades will be simplified by using cutting-edge technology such as webinars, one-on-one coaching, in-person trading, and mobile solutions.

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