Futures Day Trading – TRADEPRO Academy

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Futures Day Trading by TRADEPRO Academy helps you to understand the multiple markets and actively trade in any market conditions.

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Course Overview

Resources include a Futures Trading Workbook, Sierra Charts templates, and a software course in addition to 17 lectures (plus a bonus session) covering topics such as chart types and breakout tactics. The application will give users access to five trading setups and a complete template for trading plans.

Course outline

  • Futures Order Flow Course
  • Market Structure Course
  • Futures Trading Workbook
  • Futures Trading Journal Course
  • Sierra Charts Software Course
  • Sierra Charts Templates
  • Trading Plan Creation Guide
  • Futures Trading Strategy Modules

What will you learn?

  • Learn 5 trading setups for high probability
  • Know a checklist for each setup such as trade qualifiers
  • How to set a trading plan template together with examples
  • Learn to plan risk management for small account growth strategy
  • Learn the full steps of entering, managing and exiting a trade like a professional

Who is this course for?

TheFutures Day Trading & Order Flow Course is for intermediate to advanced traders. The main focus of this course is on order flow analysis.

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