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What if you could have everything you ever imagined? What if the life of your dreams was already available?

Come on a journey to discover the secrets to living a happy and purposeful life. Learn from the world’s best on how you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, using what you already have.

Get the tools to transcend your limitations, unlock your personal power and achieve elevated states of consciousness to manifest the life you truly desire.

Season Two: Understand how powerful your thoughts are, and how they can shape your life, your relationships, and the world around you.

Transcendence – Season 1 and 2 together

Seasons 1 Episodes

What’s In Our Food?
Overcoming Fear & Stress
Beyond Belief
Whose Goals Are We Chasing?
The Art of Fulfillment

Seasons 2 Episodes

From Domestication to Transformation
Recovering Your True Self
Emotional Healing & Overcoming Trauma
Healing Herbs & Sacred Medicine
Discovering Your Gifts

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