INSIGHT for Relationships – More Ups and Less Downs

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INSIGHT for Relationships – More Ups and Less Downs.

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INSIGHT for Relationships – More Ups and Less Downs

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Sale Page : pranskyandassociates

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Due to the popularity of our online course INSIGHT: The Principles of a Fulfilling and High-Performance Life, we created a course customized specifically to Relationships

This course is:

  • 100% online
  • About an hour a week for 8 weeks
  • Multimedia

Coaching Options:  One-on-One coaching gives you an opportunity to discuss your learning with an experienced practitioner.  It gives you the chance to ask questions or see how it applies to a particular issue or problem you’re facing.  There are a limited number of coaching packages available.

Do any of these describe you? If so, our course will help you.

    • You have problems or issues in your relationship, have tried to get help, but nothing’s worked
    • You’ve grown apart and wish you were closer, but don’t know how to get there
    • Your relationship is stale, disconnected, or constantly tense
    • You’ve made the same mistakes in past relationships and want to avoid making them again
    • You’re single or in a new relationship and want to learn how to ensure a solid relationship that lasts

What the INSIGHT for Relationships course
will do for you …

Most couples we come across struggle with how to get issues resolved in their relationships without fighting, arguing, finger-pointing or frustration, or they want to be closer, have tried to talk about it, but it hasn’t worked. There is one factor in communication that makes it possible to figure things out in a way that’s truly collaborative, actually gets somewhere, and helps couples to become closer and closer over time. That’s what this course is all about.

  • Discover how your relationship can bounce back from anything, no matter how big the obstacle
  • Bring the freshness and enjoyment back in your relationship
  • Understand the key to a strong and lasting connection even in the face of busy lives, different values, or challenging issues
  • See what it takes to become one of those couples that are best friends and can keep the spark alive

Looking for a different approach to relationship help?

Our course is very different from everything else out there.

  • No therapy
  • No working on your relationship
  • It only takes one person
  • Discreet, confidential and private
  • Help that’s less expensive with unlimited benefits – The average cost of couples therapy is $1500 for 12 weeks, and the focus is typically limited to the couple’s current issues. The 8+ hours of materials provided by this course is yours to keep, applies to all relationship issues, and is specifically designed to be reviewed as needed in the future as many times as it takes.

What is an online course?

An online course is a learning experience you do through your computer over the internet. You can easily log into this course anytime, anywhere. View the lessons whenever it works best for you, at your own pace. The course is designed in a digestible grab-and-go format.  You can watch streaming from your computer or download it to view offline.

This course is engaging, interactive, easy to relate to and presented in plain language. Personal and client stories are woven throughout to illustrate each lesson.

Erika Bugbee, Kara Stamback and Dr. George Pransky take you on an in-depth, insightful and practical learning experience that will show you everything you need to know to have enjoyment, closeness, and productive communication in your relationships.

Each lesson includes:


A quick introduction to each lesson and what to look for.

Main Lecture

Presents the point of each lesson, the logic, and the relevance using examples, stories, and humor.

Animated Story

The point of each lesson through an animated but real-life story from one of the presenters.

Relationship Lecture

Takes the point of the lesson and shows exactly how it applies to relationships using examples, stories, and client scenarios.

Illustrated Lecture

Short lecture that uses metaphors, graphics, and visuals to make the point of the lesson.

Results: What does this look like in a ‘real’ couple?

Each lesson ends with a recap of the changes one couple saw in their marriage after watching that lesson. That couple faced a variety of different issues, and they show you what it took to not only get each situation resolved, but how they ended up closer and more connected as a couple.

Additional Features:

Other features include recorded Question and Answer sessions from past participants that answer the most common questions, printable PDFs and supportive materials like transcripts and summary points, and the ability to fully download all video, audio, and written content. Optional Coaching Packages are also available.

Coaching Packages (Add-on)

Coaching is an exceptionally valuable add-on to the INSIGHT for Relationships course.  Talking to a live person can help you to see the relevance of the learning in your life and your relationship, it can connect the dots. Some of the benefits of coaching:

  • It can help you to see some patterns of thought that are so engrained they are often invisible to you.
  • Coaching calls allow you to ask questions about the content of the course and the application.  It will fill in the gaps in your learning.
  • Having live conversations with a coach brings a sense of connection and community and brings a life to your learning.
  • Do you have trouble following through?  Coaching will help you stay on track and bea accountable for getting it done so you get the most out o f the course and your time investment.

You can sign up for coaching anytime (before, during, or after you start the course) but as the coaching is done by the creators of the course, Kara Stamback and Erika Bugbee, availability is limited so schedule early for the best flexibility.

What’s included in the course? Can you describe the lessons?

The lessons are accessed through a private members-only website.  In each lesson you’ll have access

  • Lesson Introduction: What to look for in each lesson (2-3 minutes)
  • Main Lecture – video lecture on the overall point for that week (20 minutes)
  • Animation – an animated story that makes the point of the lesson in everyday life (5-7 minutes)
  • Illustrated Lecture featuring Metaphors – A video segment with graphic illustrations and visual imagery (10-12 minutes)
  • Relationship Lecture – The main point of each weekly lesson is applied to relationships in a very practical way (10-13 minutes)
  • Results: What does this look like in a ‘real’ couple? Each lesson ends with a recap of the changes one couple saw in their marriage after watching thate lesson. (8-20 minutes)
  • Lessons 4 & 7: Recorded Question and Answer sessions from previous course participants. These content-rich recordings answer some of the most common questions people have at that point in the course. (60 minutes each)
  • Printable PDF’s  of the summary points and transcripts for each lesson
  • Fully downloadable transcripts, video, and audio – available for all lessons and course content

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