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Learn how business owners can leverage Options Trading to “Steal Yourself Wealthy” in just 1-2 hours a week, potentially collecting weekly payouts and compounding them over time.


Navy Nuclear Engineer-turned-world renown trader
reveals how business owners can use Options Trading to…

Steal Yourself Wealthy!*
In as little as just 1-2 hours a week, potentially collecting payouts each and every week. You can then conceivably compound those weekly wins over and over again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Best of all, it’s a framework so simple that the biggest challenge you’ll likely face is to not overcomplicate it.

* Not a “get-rich-quick” promise; only a catchy name for the true story that inspired our framework strategy.

“It Normally Only Takes 1-2 Hours A Week”

Out of respect and homage to Maximo, we have created an entire framework where your business can also steal itself wealthy in just a couple of hours a week.

That’s exactly how long it took Maximo to do this little dance he did: about an extra two hours a week. Yet those two hours a week carved out a complete emergency fund for three companies!

Maybe you don’t feel the need to create an emergency fund. But perhaps, like many other business owners, you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Your retirement funds are not where you hoped they would be. Sadly, just 6% of Americans have $100k or more saved for retirement. The median 401k balance at age 65 is a mere $70,620. That’s likely less than you may need for even a single year in retirement. Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink, in his 2024 letter to investors, called out the looming retirement crisis, as well as the need for innovative solutions.
  • You don’t have even one month of emergency funds. As business owners, we all know we should have at least three to six months of income easily available in an emergency fund, or even more. Yet, according to a CBS News investigation, 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash set aside to handle even a $500 financial surprise! Lose a transmission on your car and you’re potentially looking at $2500 to $5000 or more in repairs. Heck, even getting your backpack stolen with your MacBook Pro in there would likely be way more than a $500 surprise. Yet, most aren’t prepared for it.
  • You’re not financially ready to provide for your children’s college needs. Education expenses have skyrocketed and many parents’ businesses have simply not done well enough to cover those expenses for their children entering college.
  • Your business has a lot of peaks and valleys. This is an all too common problem for most entrepreneurs, especially service-based businesses. The money comes in flurries, but not consistently. Some months are great, some are a struggle.
  • Your business is doing okay, but you’re not certain you’ll hit your financial goals and don’t want to compromise. Things are “fine.” Even your retirement plan is coming along. But you’re just not certain you’re going to have enough, and you want to really be in a position to travel and enjoy life. This uncertainty has gradually begun to invade your thoughts, turning into a dull anxiety that causes you more grief than you had imagined.
  • You’re beginning to get concerned about the US and World economy, and how that’s going to impact your business. The dollar’s value is eroding faster than a snowball in a heat wave. And you see the constant news stories about how more and more countries are moving away from the dollar. On top of that, you’re also being bombarded with discussions of a looming recession, bank and real estate collapses, and the debate over a “soft landing.”

If you’re like many business owners, you probably fit into one of those categories. Even if not, you may simply want to hedge your bets for the future, and be more prepared for how it might impact your business.

I know we certainly do!

What You WILL Get…

  • We’ll cover brokerage selection, account setup & helping you get authorized for Options trading
  • We’ll teach you the simple trading approach we use and nothing more — this is all about keeping it simple
  • Training on how to select the right stocks to trade Options on so you can pick your own
  • We’ll cover how to implement this particular type of Option strategy on both platforms we support
  • We’ll teach you the Charting Best Practices used to select the right stocks according to our framework as well as the best likely entry point strategies to avoid as much future drama as possible
  • We’ll also teach you Troy’s Charting Best Practices to document and manage your trades visually if you like
  • Weekly live coaching with John and Troy dedicated to Options. On the call we will do live Options trading, and you can place your trades at the same time, if you want. We’ll do the call during live trading hours, but if you can’t make it because of work and such, it’s not a problem. You’ll get the recording and can enter your trades later. After all, you’re only trying to get a 1% potential yield, so if you miss the early morning entry you can get them the next day. It’s really not that big of a deal.
  • Every trade we take will be posted in a separate Telegram channel dedicated to Low Stress Options™ for you to follow along. We’ll give you the ticker, strike price, and all of the details. These are not trade alerts nor advice, but notifications of what we’re doing and how to apply our framework for teaching and educational purposes.
  • A very consistent schedule. We’ll tell you when to place orders, and when not to. We’ll give you the absolute framework for when to push out the expiration date of our positions (don’t worry, we’ll explain it) and what time of day to double-check your open trades.
  • We’ll go into detail about the “assignment” process and why we prefer to avoid it, but how, even if it happens, it’s not a big deal and can potentially be very profitable.
  • We’ll teach you the strategy of how to get your fees reduced if you’re on our fee-based platform recommendation.
  • We’ll cover how to leverage Covered Calls if you prefer to take assignment and hold the stock. And yes, we’ll explain the pros and cons of it all and why you may or may not want to as well.
  • You’ll get access to the Low Stress Options™ community — an active, thriving group of fellow traders who share successes, answer questions (sometimes faster than we do) and encourage each other.
  • You’ll get access to the training for a minimum of six months, or for as long as you stay subscribed.
  • And, of course… a whole lotta us… “priceless”… haha… on weekly live training calls showing you exactly what we’re doing and the Options we’re selling!

About the author

Troy A. Broussard

Troy has more than two decades of Saas development experience, software engineering, and studied electrical and nuclear engineering in the US Navy. For the past two decades he has founded multiple companies in the coaching, consulting, SEO services, content services, construction and land development markets.

John Sanpietro

John has been an on line marketing and business coach for more than two decades, runs a boutique ad agency and multiple companies. He has a multi-decade history and experience helping entrepreneurs through numerous coaching and training programs.

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