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No BS Eurex Webinar Course – No BS Day Trading.

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The Eurex, often known as the Eurex Exchange, is one of the world’s major futures and options exchanges. It primarily deals with derivatives situated in Europe, but it also gives electronic access to traders linked from 700 sites across the world. The items traded on the Eurex include German and Swiss debt securities, as well as European stocks and stock indexes. No BS Day Trading’s No BS Eurex Webinar Course will show you the broader picture of the Eurex market and then offer you a very particular price action movement that triggers the real entry and exit.

The No BS Eurex Webinar Course focuses on showing you how to identify the best risk reward setups and why they’re good risk to reward setups. You will also learn how to find the levels that will probably hold up or at least act as heavy volume areas where there’s action. Moreover, you will realize that you can lean on certain places and define whether orders are most likely real orders or if there’s spoofs. In other words, if there’s a thousand on the bid, is there probably a thousand on the bid for real or is 600 going to pull off that there’s only going to be 400 on the bid, things of that nature.

Most importantly, over the No BS Eurex Webinar Course provided by No BS Day Trading,  you know you’ll be able to see the iceberg orders, the refreshing orders, how they hit areas where volume starts absorbing and that slows the market down, or how the pressure points act as triggers to trigger stop orders. You know which causes a quick three or four ticks, you know run. It’s things like this that when you know the fundamental core concepts and you can go back to the videos and re-watch the videos over and over again, re-watch the recap videos, re-watch the starter videos and it all starts to click in and make more sense as we go along.

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