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Learn how to identify trends and increase trading technical analysis with the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator by Hubert Senters.


Why should you take the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator from Hubert Senters?

Veterans in the industry warn us that timing the market is very risky and should be avoided at all costs as traders. If you put a large amount of money into a trade and the market doesn’t go the way you expected, you might lose a lot of money. Hedge fund managers, investing gurus, and trading legends alike are plagued with losses of this magnitude, and they aren’t the only ones.

Short-term market timing may be risky and unproductive in terms of learning cautious and smart trading tactics; but some occurrences can be exploited so that a long-term trend reverse can be spotted in time to avert losses and maximize gains. The beginning or finish of a trend may not be obvious at first. But within the limitations of retail trading, it is still feasible to timing it optimally for best returns. As part of Hubert Senters’s Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator, you’ll learn how to recognize trends and reversals as well as the power shift advantage.

What you will receive from the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator

  • A Self-Study Course on How to Identify Trends, Reversals, & the Power Shift Advantage.
  • The Power Shift Indicator.
  • ​​4 Live Bonus Sessions.
  • Trading Rules & Indicator Settings.
  • Indicator for TradeStation, Think or Swim, eSignal, Ninja Trader.
  • ​Never Guess What to Do Next.
  • And much more!

A brief description of your mentor Hubert Senters

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Hubert Senters, the teacher of the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator, is a successful entrepreneur and a knowledgeable professional day trader. He began his career as a veterinarian before embarking on a two-year apprenticeship. Hubert Senters has been in the trade business for almost 18 years, and his approach is as distinctive as his Kentucky accent.

He defines himself as a traditional tape reader and intends to utilize candlesticks. Senters is a strong advocate of Ichimoku, a kind of technical analysis that builds on candlestick charting to increase the accuracy of forecasted price changes. It is the most effective method of teaching people about technical analysis. It takes just a few hours and is really rather easy – it simply seems difficult.

Hubert Senters left college early and embarked on a career in fleet maintenance on wheels. He met a transmissions man who introduced him to the trading industry from his backroom desk. According to witnesses, the individual traded 400 stocks on two screens without charts and once earned $32,000 in 18 minutes. He trades a little bit of everything, but he estimates that he is approximately 70% swing trader and 30% day trader these days.

Senters also engage in a significant amount of nighttime trading, stating that it is possible to lose money trading futures after the markets shut. Senters said, behind some laughs, that he never becomes smarter during a deal. He emphasized that the market is intelligent and that traders must understand the statistics it provides.

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