Ready Aim Freedom: Options Trading Course by Simpler Trading

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Take the training course Ready Aim Freedom by Simpler Trading and discover how to read charts for options trading. Order now to advance your trading options! 

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You may feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the options trading journey but don’t worry, it will be okay if you grasp some basic concepts. Options are usually used for additional income, or to speculate and hedge the risks. The Ready Aim Freedom: Options Trading Course by Simpler Trading will teach you how to read charts for options trading as well as other strategies to increase your trading performance. 

Ready Aim Freedom: An options trading course for beginners 

Through this Ready Aim Freedom trading training course, Danielle Shay will teach you how she rapidly scales her small account to bigger without taking too many risks. You will be taught an options strategy that yields high probability and consistent income. 

Do you know Danielle uses basic settings she’s developed over the last five years to identify higher-probability, lower-risk scenarios? This course will teach you the same trade formula that enabled Danielle to quit her job and become a full-time mother at home. You also discover how she adapted many of Simpler Trading’s most successful tactics for smaller account traders by combining John Carter and Henry Gambell’s strategies into a new system. 

Ready Aim Freedom is the one-of-its-kind options trading course for beginners in which you will learn how to identify strong trends for directional options trades with a high possibility of success. Also included is Danielle’s checklist which enables you to quickly assess any chart and determine if a setup is worth risking your money. However, both intermediate and advanced traders can benefit from this course too. 

Another checklist you will receive from this course is Danielle’s identical Market Preparation Checklist which helps immediately identify the greatest chances each day even if you’re unable to monitor the market. You then learn how to interpret any chart’s personality just on a cursory examination of previous price movements. Simply by understanding how to use symmetry, one may set accurate entry points and profit objectives in advance.

This is not what you will get with the course Ready Aim Freedom. If you want to master how to read charts for options trading, the course Ready Aim Freedom by Simpler Trading can meet your demand. It teaches you how to accurately identify entry, exits, targets, and stops. This is one of Danielle’s strategies for avoiding the emotional trading choices that so many traders make. In addition, this is a necessary ability if you wish to continuously benefit from the markets.

Meet your course provider Danielle Shay 


Danielle Shay is an Options Trading Expert at Simpler Trading, who also holds the Director position of this field. She has strong technical skills, especially in Fibonacci Analysis. In addition to stocks and ETFs, Danielle focuses on trend-following, directional strategies for options trading. She has appeared on Real Vision TV, RT America, Benzinga, etc. as a special guest. Moreover, Danielle contributed to The 3rd edition of the book Mastering the Trade by John Carter.

At Simpler Trading, Danielle Shay hosts options trading rooms where she shares her trading ideas, alert service, and proven strategies to help aspiring traders grow their income. As a trading mentor, she aims to help traders go from zero to earn a living with trading. 

About the sales page Simpler Trading – Founded by trader for traders 


Founded by John Carter, Simpler Trading started as a place where he shares his trading ideas to a community in which people can learn mutually. This is one of the largest educational platforms in the trading world currently. 

Simpler Trading provides a wide range of memberships in which you can select the ultimate package for your trading. In a specific trading area, there will be experts who have decades of experience who guide you through the wildness of the markets through their tried-and-true strategies and trading tools.

In addition, you can access a wealthy library of top-notch trading courses and indicators that take your literacy and skills to a higher level. Unlike any other trading platform, Simpler Trading only provides real-time trading notification and real-world trading methods that have been proven over time by leading experts in the market. No BS, no hypothesis, you will trade along with your instructors, and the results will be heightened.

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