Red Jacket Course – The Norden Method

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Red Jacket Course – The Norden Method

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Learn how to apply old school market making skills to modern electronic futures with Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method by Gary Norden

Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method by Gary Norden will walk you through the process of developing effective trading strategies so you can make large returns without taking any significant risks. The illustrated case studies and examples accompany in-depth instructions on the whole procedure, making it simple to grasp the framework. The importance of technical analysis is emphasized as the key to making a profit consistently. Many traders fear the market because of its extreme volatility, but by mastering chart reading skills and analytical methods taught in Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method by Gary Norden, you can identify the signals and patterns that trends follow and correctly predict their future movements.

In order to have more time to plan and strategize for the future momentum direction, using market predictions may be very beneficial. To avoid errors and concentrate on the correct tracks to take advantage of trading chances, the comprehensive instructions on best practices and frequent blunders assist you. In addition, after completing Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method by Gary Norden, your timing ability will increase thanks to the clear explanation of how to break down important market patterns and enhance market prediction. It aids you in determining when is the best time to start or stop trading, as well as when to join or leave the market in order to achieve the best possible risk/reward ratios for your investments. In addition to the narrative videos, the Red Jack Course includes trade techniques from the Silver Badge Foundations. It gives you plenty of opportunities to improve your trading methods and abilities by providing guidance on frameworks and examples of real-time trading charts.

A brief description of what you are about to learn in the Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method by Gary Norden

  • The basics of trading to build a strong foundation and trading account.
  • The methods and strategies for optimizing the results.
  • Case studies and examples to illustrate the points being made.
  • Highlight of the best approaches and frequent blunders.
  • And that’s not all.

What you should know about your instructor Gary Norden


Gary Norden has worked for some of the world’s biggest investment banks for over three decades, earning the coveted Red Jacket of a LIFFE Local along the way. Gary Norden’s trading career began with Yamaichi Securities in London at the age of 18, when he was the firm’s youngest-ever trader. He then worked his way up at many London-based investment banks, where he eventually rose to the position of senior trader. He also worked as an options market maker in the LIFFE trading pits. Since the publication of his first book in 2005, Gary has been a vocal critic of technical analysis, arguing that it is a flawed tool. He debunks many trading and investment misconceptions in his new book An End to the Bull, which also outlines what it takes to develop a more long-term trading career. A trader, instructor, consultant, and author, Gary Norden has made a name for himself throughout the world. When it comes to criticizing the financial sector, he is well-known for his blunt attitude and refusal to mince words.

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