Small Business Taxes From Knowing Nothing to Saving Thousands – Navi Maraj Cpa

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By not using these strategies, you’ll overpay in taxes every year. Therefore, the course will more than pay for itself many times over.


The Problem…and the Solution:

As an entrepreneur, when it comes to your accounting and taxes, you’re trying to accomplish two objectives:

  • Doing things correctly to avoid issues with the IRS and
  • Saving as much money in taxes as legally possible to avoid overpaying

…and although you’re in pursuit of two very reasonable things, it seems like it’s impossible to do so on your own. There are so many questions, such as…

Should I form an LLC, S Corp or be a Sole Proprietor? How do I pay myself? What is reasonable compensation? How do I write off my car? Do I have to pay taxes quarterly now? How do I do that? And we’re just scratching the surface with the questions you have…

Additionally, be honest, how many hours of YouTube videos did you watch trying to find the answers? Any why does the answer always seem to be different depending on which video you watch?

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with the right person teaching you, in a structured, easy-to-understand way, not only will you learn how to do things correctly, but you’ll learn how to implement tax strategies that can save you thousands.

What You’ll Learn

Building the Foundation
Gain a solid understanding of taxes and financial accounting, covering business tax responsibilities, small business taxation, tax deductions, and how business income affects personal taxes. Learn about income statements, balance sheets, the accounting equation, and recording transactions.

Learn Powerful Tax Strategies
Discover tax strategies used with clients, such as saving with an S Corporation, hiring minor children, setting up their retirement accounts, contributing over $50,000 annually to your retirement, saving 15% on health insurance, and deducting travel and meals.

Learn to implement strategies in QuickBooks, including paying yourself and your children, deducting home office, auto, internet, and cell phone expenses. Also, produce financial statements, reconcile bank accounts, and manage bookkeeping.

It’s time to get your questions answered and transform both yourself and your business. Move from uncertainty and overwhelm, with the risk of overpaying taxes, to becoming a tax-savvy entrepreneur who confidently implements strategies that save thousands in taxes each year!

Price Is Only an Issue in the Absence of Value…

…have a look at the value you’ll be receiving.

  • Tax Strategy Education & Implementation (Normally, my firm charges a minimum of $2,500 to perform this for our clients).
  • The average business saves between $7,625 and $19,912 by implementing all of the strategies provided in this course.
  • The “cheapest” bookkeeper costs at least $200/month. You’ll learn how to perform your own bookkeeping and save $2,400/year!
  • You’ll learn how to form your LLC or S Corp for free, saving you over $600!
  • Discounts to QuickBooks are provided, saving you an avg. of $105!

By not implementing these strategies, you’ll be overpaying in taxes each year. Taking this into consideration, the course will pay for itself many times over.

About the author

Navi Maraj, CPA – He’s a Florida native with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Master’s in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. With over 15 years in banking and accounting at companies like Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and Deloitte & Touché, he’s consulted businesses and audited financial statements. He uses these skills to help you save thousands in taxes.

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