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This course is designed for Excel VBA beginners and serves as a refresher or reference for those already familiar with VBA.


Start writing VBA code that you can immediately use on the job. No programming experience needed to take this VBA course!

Why You Should Take This Course

For finance professionals, speed in Excel is not only a requirement, it’s a big part of how you’re measured against your peers.

This comprehensive course is designed to teach students and professionals how to save a ton of time in Excel with the easy-to-use VBA programming language.

We’ll introduce you VBA environment and dive into real-world exercises that will teach you how to write your own macros, functions and subroutines and how to breeze through large data sets with ease!

What You Will Learn

  • Write macros from scratch
  • Write custom formulas & functions on the fly
  • Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all the logical operators
  • Take control of forms, buttons, drop-downs and much more!

Who is This Program For?

This course is for Excel VBA newbies as well as those looking for a VBA refresher or reference tool. It’s designed to give a competitive edge to students and/or professionals who rely on Excel, including:

  • Investment banking analysts and associates
  • Private equity, asset management and hedge fund associates
  • Corporate finance and business development professionals
  • MBA students and business undergraduates

Course Highlights

  • Perfect for both Excel newbies and experts interested in VBA.
  • Absolutely no programming experience is needed.
  • Full of VBA techniques used by finance professionals.
  • Come away with practical code you can use in your own spreadsheets.
  • Complete real-world Macro/VBA projects from start to finish.
  • Understand VBA enough to alter code you find online to fit your purpose.
  • A great learning and reference tool: 150+ individual VBA lessons!
  • The same course our corporate clients use to prepare their analysts and associates.

Get the Visual Basic in Excel Certification

Trainees are eligible to take the WSP Visual Basic in Excel Certification Exam for 24 months from the date of enrollment. Those who complete the exam and score above 70% will receive the certification. The exam is a challenging online examination covering the most difficult concepts covered in The Ultimate Excel VBA Course.

Course TOC

Chapter 1: The Range Object
Chapter 2: Range Properties
Chapter 3: The Cells Object
Chapter 4: Variables
Chapter 5: Toolbars and Menus
Chapter 6: Important Tools and Excel Logic
Chapter 7: Loops and Report Writing Basics
Chapter 8: Events, Worksheet Events Made Easy
Worksheet Events Made Easy
Chapter 8: Events, Worksheet Events Made Easy
Worksheet Events Made Easy
Chapter 9: Workbook Events
Chapter 10: Activex Controls of Worksheets
Chapter 11: Userforms – The Best Thing Ever!
Chapter 12: BONUS VBA Functions

About the author

Wall Street Prep was established in 2004 by investment bankers to train the financial services industry. Our instructor-led and online training programs bridge the gap between academia and the real world by teaching the practical skills needed to succeed on the job. Our global faculty is a group of 90+ highly specialized investment bankers, private equity and investment professionals.

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