Thecommercialinvestor – Mezzanine Financier™

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Thecommercialinvestor – Mezzanine Financier™.

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Thecommercialinvestor – Mezzanine Financier™

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Sale Page : thecommercialinvestor

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Intermediaries Will Learn:

Mezzanine Financing Overview
Intermediaries will gain a comprehensive understanding of mezzanine loans and how they are structured. The principles behind mezzanine financing are shared and the Intermediary will gain insight into the different types of debt products in commercial real estate.

What the Mezzanine Lender Wants
Learn the intricacies behind the Intercreditor Agreement and discover the three items that the mezzanine lender wants in the agreement. This is a crucial lesson that could make or break a deal.

Mezzanine Loan Security
Discover the basic types of collateral and collateral options in a mezzanine deal.

Mezzanine vs Equity Financing
Become proficient in capital structure in commercial real estate. Intermediaries will compare the differences between mezzanine financing and equity financing and know when each option should be used.

What Does the Borrower and Lender Want?
It’s imperative that you have a full understanding of the borrower and lender’s needs. In this segment you will grasp a comprehensive understanding of the borrower and lender’s interests.

Bonus Material

With the purchase of Mezzanine Financier™ you’ll also receive NINE bonus Infographics!

Dandrew Media’s Infographics were created with one main goal: To keep our Intermediaries organized by not just telling them “what to do” but to show them exactly “how to do it”. Specially designed to keep our Intermediaries working smarter not harder, each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your pipeline full, deals progressing and successful closes. Our colorful, user-friendly Infographics were designed to print out at an impressive size of 17″ x 11″ and hang on your office wall.


A-B Note Structures vs First Trust Deed and Mezz

This is your go-to resource for understanding capital structure. A/B note structures and mezzanine structures cause many Intermediaries confusion and headaches. Don’t waste time and energy trying to figure out these financing options. We created this Infographic to demystify these common trouble areas.


The Distressed Asset Lifecycle

Distressed assets are some of the most profitable deals you’ll ever work on. Familiarizing yourself with the financing intricacies surrounding the distressed asset is key to your success in this industry. Whether you’re on the phone or about to walk into a meeting, having this informative Infographic will keep the distressed asset lifecycle on the forefront of your thought process. There are so many pieces to the commercial financing puzzle. Are you prepared?


Real Estate Capital Structure

The capital structure in commercial real estate is often misunderstood and misused which can be detrimental. This Infographic is an Intermediary must-have as it unveils the detailed capital stack matrix. We’ve seen so many deals come crumbling down because of an Intermediary’s overall lack of comprehension in regards to capital structure. Don’t walk into a meeting and get blind-sided because of a simple oversight. Knowledge is power is in this business.


Common Distressed Transaction Scenarios in Commercial

Financing distressed assets will be some of the most lucrative projects you’ll ever close. Do you know the intricacies of these profitable assets? It’s imperative that you ask the right questions on the first call. If you drop the ball, someone else will step in and close the deal. Infographic: Common Distressed Transaction Scenarios is a must-have and needs to be in every Intermediary’s arsenal.


Credit Tenant Lease

Another popular financing structure in commercial real estate is a Credit Tenant Lease. Are you aware of the benefits to using a CTL? Do you know when a CTL can be used? Do you know the lending guidelines? If you answered no to any of those questions, it’s about time you step up your game.


Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions

You have a commercial project. Now what? Laying the foundation is critical as you begin a career in commercial real estate. Your knowledge of these basics will have a direct correlation to your success and ability to prosper in this line of work. Understanding the different asset classes and financing transactions is where you need to begin your education. Take advantage of this detailed chart and kickstart your commercial real estate career today.


How Hypothecations Work in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to creative financing in commercial real estate, Dandrew Media is your go-to resource. Hypothecation agreements are a clever financing option for investors to easily access equity. If you don’t know how a hypothecation agreement works or how to structure it, you are missing out on a huge money maker. Learn this financing strategy and use it today.


JV Equity Profit Waterfall

You won’t get too far in commercial real estate without knowing the capital stack. Be sure to have this Infographic posted on your wall. Buy it. Post it. Memorize it.


Types of Commercial Loan Defaults

Why do commercial loans default? What are the two main types of default? If you don’t know the answers to these fundamental questions than you need, Infographic: Types of Commercial Loan Defaults.

Capital Placement Series

Dandrew Media’s ever popular Capital Placement Series primarily covers how Intermediaries can become a successful Capital Provider and also dives into the core of commercial real estate revealing sought after industry secrets.

Whether you’re new to investing, currently locked out of the real estate market due to a lack of funding options or looking to start your own fund or syndication, the Capital Placement Series will help take your career to the next level. Invest in yourself. You will be astounded by the results.

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