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Trader Dante – Constructing A Complete Trading Plan.

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Constructing a Complete Trading Plan entails 41 special webinars provided by Trader Dante, which are split into three modules and one bonus, enabling you to learn swing trading strategy for the stock markets.

Overview of Constructing a Complete Trading Plan from Trader Dante

Constructing a Complete Trading Plan is a set of special webinars offered by Trader Dante that includes three modules and a bonus section totaling 41 webinars. Each of these special webinars focuses on a particular area of Tom Dante’s trading strategy or the trading industry. The content of each one may be understood and implemented independently of the others. This is also true for webinars that are split into two sections. As a result, a trader can only watch one webinar to understand how Tom Dante trades a certain setup or approaches a key concept. When viewed sequentially, the webinars in Constructing a Complete Trading Plan provide a succinct overview of his strategy to the financial markets at the same time.

Constructing a Complete Trading Plan by Trader Dante Outline

Module 1: Swing Trading Forex and Financial Futures

Module 1 delves deeply into Tom Dante’s swing trading strategy. This strategy is seen in Forex, metals (such as gold, silver, and crude oil), and stock indices (such as the Dax and S&P500), and it can even be used in the cryptocurrency.

Module 2: Core Concepts, Advanced Techniques, Building your Business and Increasing Performance

Module 2 delves into advanced pattern trading strategies before delving into Tom Dante’s swing trading strategy. He then goes through the process of designing a trading plan and shows you how to create a small account in depth. The module also covers topics such as focusing on one market, trading psychology, increasing productivity, and securing a job with a prop firm.

Module 3: Short Term Time Frame Trading in the Bund

Module 3 delves deeply into Tom’s day trading strategy. This technique works at a faster rate and in shorter time frames. He trades the Bund (Germany’s 10-year government bond), but his expertise can be applied to every industry. This approach is implemented using a Market Profile, Footprint Charts, and a DOM. It is beneficial to have access to these tools in order to fully execute the content.


The webinars in this module cover a wide variety of subjects, from how to set up a professional trading desk to profiting from a previously untaught theme.

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Module 2: Webinar 05: Mapping Your Market

The vast majority of Tom Dante’s trades fall into two categories: those in which he specifies an area to do business and merely sets a limit order to enter at the level with a stop and goal; and those in which he identifies an area to do business and simply sets a limit order to enter at the level with a stop and target.

The trader knows just what they are searching for at the start of each day because they have accurately mapped their business. As a result, this webinar examines how to chart the market for successful trading. This entails incorporating all of the technical topics discussed in previous webinars into our charts in order to determine the best places to do business in and allow the trader to enter the market each day with a straightforward strategy.

However, in this webinar, Tom Dante expands on the content covered in the February 2013 webinar Choosing Your Industry to Specialize in, and looks at how he maps his market for trading one market on the 5m timeline. The methodology he would show is readily transferable to any other business of your choosing.

Learn more about Trader Dante and its owner

Trader Dante

Tom Dante is a London-based day trader who says things as it is, with no effort to ease the blow of the blunt reality of trading. He has a fascinating and one-of-a-kind tale on how he got off trading in 1999. And then there was a 7-year stretch where Tom failed to maintain continuity with his trading reports.

After establishing a profitable track record, Tom entered a prop trading company, where he learned many of the strong trading principles that have transformed him into the trader he is today – many of which are covered in this episode. Tom is now an individual trader who mostly trades the Bund market intraday as well as other futures.

Since 2007, Trader Dante has been training traders and providing customers with Educational Content, Supporting Webinars, Special Webinars, Edges for Ledges, Trading Courses, etc.

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