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Trading Psychology Edge’s Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar offering will teach you how to utilize Weis Wave and considerably improve your chart reading abilities. 

Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar by Trading Psychology Edge: Two products in one package

The product Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar, which is provided by Trading Psychology Edge, contains two components that you can get with one time payment: the webinar in which David Weis will teach you how to use Weis Wave indicator to quickly identify the current price trend and the Weis Wave plugin to assist you effectively read the charts’ volume. 

Richard D. Wyckoff pioneered the use of wave charts. In his well-known stock market method course, he taught pupils to think in waves. Wave analysis was an essential component of his trading strategy. The Weis Wave is a modernized version of Wyckoff’s strategy for dealing with unpredictable markets. It is applicable to futures, FX, stock, and commodity markets and operates throughout all time periods. You’ll be astounded by how successfully the Weis Wave predicts tipping points. Many of these similar turning points are not visible on standard bar charts.

Trading Psychology’s Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar Edge is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study cutting-edge Wyckoff analysis from the finest in the business. David understands how to deliver content such that his audience obtains the most educational advantage because he was a teacher early in his career.

How Trading Psychology Edge benefits your trading

Trading Psychology Edge

Trading Psychology Edge, as its title characterizes, is an instructive firm that specializes in giving comprehensive guides to mental exchanging abilities with the reason of honing your intellect to abdicate outbreaking execution. After learning exchange methodologies, Dr. Gray Dayton, who founded the Trading Psychology Edge, found that the number one challenge for dealers is the battle with the mental and enthusiastic side of exchanging. The battle with undesirable feelings and the whimsical exchanging activities that result may be an essential reason why 90% of all trying dealers fall flat. As a result, he decided to utilize the MAC demonstration to assist dealers center on what matters most for their exchanging and dodge locks in diverting passionate and mental chatter.

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