Bryan Beecham – Refactoring in Python

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Bryan Beecham – Refactoring in Python

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Bryan Beecham – Refactoring in Python

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In Refactoring in Python LiveLessons, Bryan Beecham shows developers how to recognize problems in their code, how to make needed changes to create high-quality software that can be rapidly developed, and how to refactor effectively in the Python programming language.

Refactoring is at the core of software improvement, giving structure and purpose on how to make software better. Changes to the code make it easier to understand, easier to modify, and easier to add new code.

Although refactoring is not new, software developers might struggle with how to do it properly.

As Agile grows, concepts such as DevOps push to have high-quality and welI-designed code to allow for faster deployment and feedback. Much of the existing documentation on refactoring is in Java. By creating these examples in Python, it provides more fitting help for the large and growing Python workforce.

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