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The Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis provides instructions on how to land the most prestigious jobs in management consulting.


Prepare for a job landing in management consulting with the Consulting Case Interview Prep Course – The Wall Street Oasis

The Wall Street Oasis’s Consulting Case Interview Prep Course goes above and beyond the others. Others promise to have all you need, but simply cover a few of the most frequently asked issues and provide minimal case studies from a single company. Even worse, they’re authored by a single ex-consultant who hasn’t worked in the field in years. There is a continual flux in the hiring process for management consultants. It’s no longer effective to do what worked even a year ago. In order to put you under pressure and discover what you’re made of, your interviewers frequently change their questions and approaches. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on how to ace an interview and secure a job, the WSO course relies on input from hundreds of current consulting professionals. These are the individuals who know the business inside and out, and who can tell you what’s happening firsthand.

Here’s some of what you are going to learn from this Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis

  • Master All the Concepts: Consulting businesses are not in the market for robots. They want to know that you understand the sector, are capable of resolving issues, managing stress, and managing clients, and that you are a good fit for their organization. You’ll learn how to master all of these ideas – even if your preparation time is limited to a few days.
  • Conduct Specific Consulting Firms Research: You’ll gain access to over 2,037 consulting interview questions from 200+ consulting firms, sorted by position, allowing you to focus your preparation on the most critical aspects of the interview.
  • Establish a Foundation: With 11 Detailed Exclusive Cases produced by a McKinsey Associate and over 10 hours of video, you will leave no stone untouched and will be fully prepared for everything they throw at you.
  • Prepare Quickly and Achieve a Higher Level: With a Comprehensive Sector and Recruiting Overview, you’ll learn everything you need to know to display a genuine interest for the industry. Master key topics and stack your learning to get the best preparation possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • Master the Case Interview: With over 20 hours of additional case material supplied in video format, you’ll learn how to confidently walk through your own cases and be prepared for on-the-spot cases to demonstrate your suitability for management consulting.
  • Receive Exclusive Insider Information on More Than 100 Consulting Firms: With the WSO Company Database, you’ll have access to exclusive data on compensation, interviews, and employee reviews for hundreds of firms, as well as access to over 2,000 interview insights, allowing you to pinpoint the firms and positions that are the best fit for you.
  • Create a High-Performance Network: With over 30 hours of video courses on LinkedIn, Emailing, and Cold Calling, you’ll learn how to triple your response rate, land more interviews, and obtain support from consulting pros on the inside, regardless of your background.
  • Using The Wso Video Library, Consulting Veterans Demonstrate How to Achieve it: With 40+ hours of consulting-specific films, you’ll learn how skilled consultants responded to the very same questions you’ll be asked. Examine thorough Q&As and sample situations to determine what works and what does not.

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