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The course Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Options Mentoring will teach you how to set up and profit from this option trading strategy.


Upgrade your options trading with the strategy covered in the class Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Options Mentoring

An option trading technique known as a double calendar spread is selling near-month calls and puts and purchasing future month calls and puts with the same strike price. Dan Sheridan teaches you how to build, trade, and manage double calendars monthly in his class Trading Double Calendar in 2018. This was a two-week live workshop that met twice a week.

The first session will cover greeks and trade setup using double calendars that will demonstrate how you want the greeks to be configured at the start of the trade and where you want to place the strikes based on the length. The second class of Trading Double Calendar in 2018 will go into risk management, delving into the four-step risk management strategy and its changes. Class number three will demonstrate them in a variety of cars using double calendars. Mark Fenton will be teaching a class number in class number four, so it’s beneficial to receive a different viewpoint. The fifth lesson will cover trading multiple calendars and varying volatility situations, while the sixth class will show you how to create a strategy. Dan Sheridan will undoubtedly go through a longer-term double calendar to help you grasp the distinctions and when to use them.

Here what you expect to learn from the course Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Options Mentoring

  • Class #1: Greeks & Trade Setup with Double Calendars Strategy 
  • Class #2: Risk Management & Double Calendars Adjustments
  • Class #3: Double Calendars in Different Vehicles
  • Class #4: Double Calendars taught by Mark Fenton
  • Class #5: Trading Double Calendars in Various Volatility Market
  • Class #6: Plan to Make $3000 Monthly Using Double Calendars

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Sheridan Options Mentoring is a firm that provides specialized lessons and help to anyone who wants to learn how to trade stock options. This one-of-a-kind training experience provides students with live trading instruction as well as one-on-one mentorship meetings with Dan Sheridan, the company’s founder and a 25-year pit veteran. Students also get access to hundreds of archived sessions with Dan and other mentors on a variety of subjects, like weekly calendars, butterflies, and long-term plans, to name a few. 

Dan Sheridan has been trading options and coaching traders all around the globe for over 30 years. He is a seasoned CBOE market maker who formerly worked for Jon and Pete Najarian’s extremely successful specialty business Mercury Trading. Dan was in charge of educating most of the traders at Mercury, including Pete Najarian, one of the current anchors of CNBC’s Fast Money. Dan launched Sheridan Options Mentoring in 2004 after leaving the pits. He now teaches individual traders how to win regularly in the options markets using the same strategies and procedures he employed every day. Dan also instructs professional and retail traders via a variety of venues, including: Dan is a TDAmeritrade Network Featured Guest. He’s been featured on, and he delivers instructional webinars for InteractiveBrokers and other brokerage companies on a regular basis.

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