Dr. Gary Dayton Collection – Learn Trading Skills

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Get 15 trading training courses in one package with Dr. Gary Dayton Collection 

Trader Gary Dayton is able to connect successfully with other traders because he knows what they’re thinking. In order to make trading easy to grasp, he combines his expertise in advanced psychology with trading. His approach to trading psychology focuses on helping the trader develop the required basic skills to succeed in the market. Dr. Dayton uses a model of top performance based on 35 years of study into individual performance to educate traders through the aspects of deep or intentional practice.

Dr. Gary Dayton Collection - Learn Trading Skills

Dr. Gary Dayton Collection – Learn Trading Skills

If you look for a complete routine to boost your technical chart reading ability, to enhance trading psychology, and other essential knowledge, Dr. Gary Dayton Collection is ideal for you. Let’s take an overall description of 15 courses included in this course to figure out how to improve trading skills

A brief introduction to 15 courses you will receive in this special bundle

  • Chart Reading International Roadshow

Every day, the markets genuinely do deliver gifts, but few understand how to benefit from them. Numerous individuals suffer with ineffective systems or inconsistent practices. Dr. Gary Dayton created this Chart Reading International Roadshow course to provide traders with the tools necessary to look into the market and avoid the pitfalls.

  • Chart Reading Mastery Course

Chart Reading Mastery is taught by Dr. Gary Dayton, a Wyckoff specialist, trade psychologist, and trading instructor. It focuses on market reading using price bars and volume. The course consists of eight weekly sessions of one and a half hours each — that’s eight weeks of intensive instruction on how to read the market by its own actions using the Wyckoff technique.

  • Trade Tops & Bottoms

The Tops & Bottoms lesson is unique in that it explains in simple language what you need to observe in your chart in order to confidently determine whether a top or bottom has formed. This comprises the general backdrop circumstances and the appearance of the building. Gary Dayton explains in plain language when the top or bottom does not develop correctly and what to look for.

  • Practice Mindfulness

Dr. Gary explains to traders in this video lesson how cutting-edge psychology can help you grow your trading psychology edge, how mindfulness practice can help you develop your trading psychology edge, and how traders like you may acquire mindfulness skills.

  • Momentum Oscillator

Dr. Gary will demonstrate how to utilize this basic momentum oscillator that he employs in his trades during this training webinar. You will discover all the subtleties and nuances that Dr. Gary has accumulated over the course of over a decade of utilizing this very powerful technological equipment. Additionally, Dr. Gary will share trade ideas based on this signal with you, complete with setup, entry, and exit data.

  • Trade the Trend

This unique webinar will cover up and down trends, indicators that a trend is probable, confirmation signals that the trend is still intact and that you should not depart prematurely, and much more.

  • Point & Figure Charting

Dr. Gary’s Point & Figure lesson demonstrates how to utilize Point & Figure charts to determine support and resistance levels, as well as accumulation and dispersion. Additionally, Dr. Gary shows you how to identify the greatest trading chances with a particular emphasis on trade exits.

  • Winning Trader Psychology

Dr. Gary’s Winning Trader Psychology course is unique in that it gives something no one else does: a practical, highly relevant program for building your mental skills and talents while also assisting you in directly applying those mental skills to your trading.

  • Trading Journal

Maintaining an Effective Trading Journal is a video instruction that will assist you in developing strong mental and technical trading abilities. Dr. Gary discusses crucial rules to follow while utilizing the Trading Journal as your virtual trading coach in this video.

  • Building A Professional Trading Plan

This is a videotape of a webinar session in which Dr. Gary Dayton demonstrates how to create a professional-level trading strategy to traders. Additionally, you will learn how to simplify your strategy into an Executive Summary for simple reference on your trading desk.

  • Wyckoff Spring

Dr. Gary is a Wyckoff specialist and trading instructor who teaches traders how to use the Wyckoff Method to understand and read the market. In this webinar, he delves into the nuances, nuance, and hard-won knowledge that only experience can provide, and reveals everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Springs.

  • Overcome Fear

This is a complete webinar based on cutting-edge psychology that has been thoroughly investigated. It will provide you with realistic, practical techniques for addressing and overcoming fear, including excellent strategies for dealing with emergency circumstances, when fear is most likely to become overpowering.

  • Wyckoff Upthrust

The Wyckoff UpThrust is a well-regarded, high-quality trade setup that many astute traders use to short the market. It is applicable to all markets and historical periods. In a 90-minute webinar, Dr. Gary Dayton, a Wyckoff specialist, will educate all of the ins and outs of this high-odds trade setup.

  • Primary Language of Market

This course is divided into two seasons with a total of more than 5 hours of instruction. It will teach you how to trade successfully; traders must grasp how to interpret the market’s bar-by-bar movement.

  • Deep Practice with Dr. Gary Dayton

This is a deep practice program in which Dr. Gary will begin with a short guided mindfulness exercise to assist you in focusing your attention on the session activities. He will next begin a comprehensive practice exercise in which he will combine critical market evaluation ideas, assisting you in acquiring new trading knowledge, skills, and talents.

More information about your mentor Dr. Gary Dayton

When it comes to trading psychology, Dr. Gary Dayton stands out because he uses the MAC model to assist traders concentrate on what is most important for their trading. He also helps avoid indulging in distracting emotional and mental chatter in the process.

Gary Dayton

Gary Dayton

Dr. Dayton assists traders in overcoming the psychological problems specific to trading while also helping them acquire the appropriate attitude required to be successful. He does this via seminars, workshops, and coaching. While rectifying errors and teaching specialized trade skills are important, he places equal emphasis on both.

It is Dr. Dayton’s mission to assist people systematically increase their peak performance skills and talents by using state-of-the-science mindfulness-acceptance, cognitive-behavioral, sport, and behavioral finance expertise. With each person he works with, he hopes to instill in them the potential to be their own best coach.

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