Educative – JavaScript In Practice: ES6 And Beyond

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Educative – JavaScript In Practice: ES6 And Beyond.

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Educative – JavaScript In Practice: ES6 And Beyond

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JavaScript is a fundamental asset for any web developer. As an evolving language, new releases continue to refine it to make it more accessible for large-scale use. ECMA Script, or ES in short, is the standardized name for the programming language popularly known as JavaScript. The sixth release of the script is known as ES6 and features major enhancements which improve Javascript’s usability. Writing and reading code is now easier with the introduction of features like Arrows, Symbols, etc. This course provides a practical view into all of the components present in ES6. We’ll discuss the importance of each component, learning how and why it makes things simpler in Javascript. Interactive exercises and quizzes will help you adopt these modern coding practices for JavaScript. ES6 is rapidly growing in popularity, and this course is essential for anyone who wants to be fully immersed into JavaScript.

Function Scope, Block Scope, Constants


var vs let


let, const, and var

Exercise on Function Scope, Block Scope, Constants

Arrow Functions
Fat Arrow Syntax

Context Binding

Exercise on Arrow Functions

Default Arguments

Hacks in ES5

The ES6 way

Exercise on Default Arguments


Prototypal Inheritance

Prototypal Inheritance in ES5

Inheritance – The ES6 way



Creating Abstract Classes

Getters and Setters

Static Methods

Exercise on Classes


Object Property – Shorthand Notation

Destructuring Examples

Deeper Destructuring, destructuring functions, and pitfalls

Exercise on Destructuring

Spread Operator and Rest Parameters

Rest Parameters

Spread Operator

Destructuring with the Spread Operator

Exercise on Spread Operator and Rest Parameters

Objects in ES6



Shorthand for Creating and Destructuring Objects

Computed Object Keys

Shorthand for Defining Operations in Objects

Object Prototype Extensions and Super Calls

Exercise on Objects in ES6

Tail Call Optimization and Other Function Features in ES6


Tail call optimizationPreview

Name Property

Exercise on Tail Call Optimization and other Function Features in ES6



Global Symbol Registry

Symbols as Semi-Private Property Keys

Creating enum Types

Well-known Symbols

Exercise on Symbols

The for-of loop

Introducing the for-of loop

UTF-32 support

Destructuring and the DOM in the for-of loop

Exercise on the for-of loop

String and Template Literals


New String Methods

Better Unicode Support

Template Literals

Tagged Templates

Exercise on String and Template Literals

Sets, Maps, and their Weak Versions

Data Structures 101

ES6 Sets

Iterating Sets

ES6 Maps

Iterating Maps

Weak Sets

Weak Maps

Exercise on Sets, Maps, and their Weak Versions

Iterators and Generators in Depth

Iterables and Iterators

Consuming Iterables

Built-in Iterables

Iterables with Sets and Maps

The Role of the Iterable Interface


Generators and Iterators

Iterators and Destructuring

Combining Generators

Passing Parameters to Iterables

Practical Applications

Exercise on Iterators and Generators

ES6 Promises

Promise States

Creating Promises in ES6

Handling the Fulfilled or Rejected States

Handling Multiple Promises

Exercise on ES6 Promises

Configuring ES6 with Webpack

The Task

  1. index.html
  2. Initialize your Application and Configure Webpack
  3. Account Module
  4. Create the Entry Point
  5. Compile and Run the Application

The Reflect API


Creating Objects

Manipulating Prototypes

Property Access and Modification

Exercise on the Reflect API

Proxies in Practice


Defining Proxies

Revocable Proxies

Use Cases

Exercise on Proxies

Math and Number Extensions

Math Extensions

Number Extensions


The Exponential Operator

Array `includes`


New Object Extensions

Object.entries and Object.values


New String Extensions


Your Final Exam: ES6 Job Interview Questions


Writing an Array Extension

Binary Gap Exercise in Codility

Ten JavaScript Theory Questions

JavaScript Theory Quiz

Connect-4 Solver

Binary Trees, Recursion and Tail Call Optimization in Javascript

Painting on an HTML5 Canvas

Video Player

Event Delegation in a Pomodoro App

Pomodoro App Markup and Styling Refactoring

Persistence with Local Storage

Pomodoro APP to Kanban Board

Adding Tasks to Columns

Selecting Cards

Dragging and Dropping Cards


Insert the Timer Module in the Pomodoro App

Countdown Timer Integration in the Pomodoro App


SQL and Map-Reduce-Filter

Bonus chapter: Your learning plan


Sync your Learning Plan with your Career Plan

Set your Goals and Milestones

The Big Picture

Get Feedback and Iterate

Present your Deliverables


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