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Email Lists Simplified

What if I told you that you could

Grow a targeted list of subscribers that are primed to buy your product…

Increase your expert status just by writing minding reading sequences that have subscribers saying ‘I feel like you’ve been spying on me!’…

Say ‘good bye’ to emails that get only a fraction of opens, replies and clicks…

Get subscribers to buy without having to nurture them for years and without having to load up on the ick, sleaze and yuck that they’re so used to getting on the internet…

Wake up to payment notifications…


Sounds too good to be true?

I don’t blame you!

My guess is that you’ve heard countless email success stories. You’ve seen the businesses that boast skyrocketing sales and email list growth.

But for some reason you just can’t seem to figure out the “magic” email marketing formula for yourself.

You’re confused by all the conflicting “free advice” that everyone seems to give the moment you mention email lists or email marketing. Because that’s what it is – piecemeal.

Email Marketing can be simple.

You don’t need complicated systems to get subscribers or to profit from your email list as many people will have you believe (think $500 list building courses! or $1000 funnel courses))

You can have ALL of that by implementing ONE simple 5-step system.

Email Lists Simplified is the A-Z email program that shows you EXACTLY
how to turn email into an automated sales and list building machine
for your blog or business


Module 0 | Welcome + Course Overview

  • Answers to your most common questions including should you use an email template, double optin versus single optin lists, and more…eliminate all the confusion!
  • Simple ways to make your opt-in forms sticky so that people opt-in

Module 1 | Mindset and Principles Behind Email

  • What questions you need to answer for your emails to have the remotest chance of even standing out in the inbox
  • Why even the best emails and sequences will fail without THIS
  • Persistent myths that keep you from emailing your list

Module 2 | Opt-In Mastery

  • The ONLY method that will make it as easy as 1-2-3 to work back on your paid offers, free contentand gated content (You’ll never have to beg for opinions in a Facebook group or ask people to fill out a survey)
  • Save yourself WEEKS of wasted time, by being aware of this CRITICAL validation mistake
  • How to position your opt-in incentive so the leap from subscriber to buyer is faster
  • What to put on your landing pages so that your target audience instantly shout “YES! I need this!”

Module 3 | Nurture Your List

  • Your welcome email sequence is not for simple hellos. Here’s how to use them in your business to actually make money
  • The No.1 mistake solopreneurs make in their welcome email sequences
  • How to make the best use of your welcome email series even if you have no product to pitch
  • Never ever scramble for testimonials. THIS simple hack will land testimonials right in your inbox

Module 4 | Write better emails + Get more ideas

  • 2 formulas that are a PROVEN cure for email idea blocks. NEVER stare at a blank cursor again
  • The 7-step checklist to raise open rates, increase click-throughs and get a frenzy of engagement (Includes email opener hooks, subject line formulas and bait the click smart phrases)
  • 4 Sneaky Hacks to write the perfect tease and get your subscribers to look out for your name in the inbox
  • Stealth ways to automatically segment your list with ease

Module 5 | Show-stopping Sequences and Passive Income

  • How to sequence map LIKE A PRO so you don’t come across as an ultra sleaze ball
  • The quickest way to get people to trust you and see you as an authority
  • How to write sequences that keep subscribers moving along and hanging onto every word you say. Get emails with ‘I’m so thankful I found you!’ – THAT magic happens here!
  • ONE funnel you should implement immediately and how your email list can make sales even if you have NO product (+ 5 others you can add into your business)

2 Live Coaching Calls with Teaching

Here’s what I’ll cover in my live teaching so that you can get your funnels selling for you within a day!

  • MUST-HAVE Email Automations to have your email marketing system running like a well oiled machine
  • How to build a product ecosystem

Can’t make the LIVE call, no worries! I’ll leave a link for you to submit questions and I promise to answer them all. You get access to the recording too!

Course Supplements

  • Swipes, checklists and worksheets to turn information into action. No ‘fill in the blank’ pages here. Every page supplements the information in the modules and gets you to go deeper. 70+ pages of email goodness.
  • Content Upgrade and Opt-in Templates so that your opt-in incentive doesn’t EVER have to look like a Kindergarten art project

  • Tracking sheets that give you a bird’s eye view of your email list launch, list growth and email sequence planning
  • Opt-in Vault to inspire your next lead magnet creation
  • Tech Video Vault with trainings on how to use Thrive Landing pages, Convertplug and Convertkit
How are the course materials delivered?
The course materials are delivered by video. I also have provided the transcripts with timestamping, audio as well as slides. All of these can be downloaded. So whatever your learning style, you will be able to pick a method that works best for you.
What is the guarantee I will get results?
Obviously I can’t make a guarantee that you will..that would not be legal. But I am 100% confident that if you do the work and follow through on the exercises, you will get results.
What happens after I click ‘buy’?
You will get an email with the subject line ‘Open Up, Explode your list, Seduce & Sell’ (Details inside). You have access to the entire course immediately. If you qualify for the expiring bonuses, those will be sent to you within a week of purchasing the course.
I love the course but I have no list. Should I wait to get this course till I have some list in place first?
This is exactly why you need Email Lists Simplified. It teaches you to put all the foundational pieces of your email strategy in place from the very beginning. Your list will grow, you’ll nurture your subscribers and make sales at the same time. The course does not assume that you have a certain list size. Rather it assumes, that you’re starting from scratch.
I’d love to buy Email Lists Simplified, but I have other courses that I haven’t finished. What should I do?
I designed Email Lists Simplified so that you’d be able to complete this 1 module a week (if you have a life, and have kids and dishes and laundry to do like me) The course is 5 modules and packaged in a way so that you have the motivation to get through them and implement the steps as soon as possible. You don’t have 20+ videos to go through. Am I the only one who finds those insane?! Once you have the basic systems in place, your list and sales will grow on auto every single day. But ultimately, the decision is yours to make! 🙂
The course looks interesting but I already purchased another list building course. Isn’t this the same thing?
Email Lists Simplified is MORE than a list building course. See my comparison table below of how this is different from other email programs and courses. This is the full start to end strategy on building and nurturing your list, making sales, and even cleaning that list.


Covers only list building and requires you to read up on the rest. You get only a single piece of the puzzle.



The complete how-to so that you can start from scratch with no list, no opt-in freebie, no traffic to a fully guided email strategy, right up to cleaning that list. All in one place. No extra courses to buy. No need to ‘google’ for extra information


Teaches you how to set-up your email list and landing pages using only a particular tool that the course creator is an affiliate for



Teaches you the strategy and how-to so that you can create your own high-converting landing page or email sequences no matter what tool or email service provider you use. Gives you an entire comparison spreadsheet to make your own decision about the best tool for you based on preference and budget


Bonuses that leave you wondering how they fit in with the course and how you’re going to use them



Bonuses that supplement the course and are designed to boost your results



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