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The Kick Course by Trade Like Rocket is a comprehensive training for those who want to kickstart their journey to become profitable and consistent traders. 


Kick your journey to becoming a pro trader with the Kick Course by Trade Like Rocket

This Kick Course, offered by Trader Like Rocket, is designed for traders who are serious about trading and are prepared to put in the necessary time to learn. You will gain knowledge and skills via education, mentoring, and hands-on training sessions throughout the program. It is not just about learning how to trade in theory, but also about learning how to trade in practice, with access to recorded live trading to demonstrate how to put what you have learned in the course into practice.

You will be empowered with group mentoring sessions and live trading to witness how pros apply theory to realistic trades, as well as real-time commentary during market hours via Telegram. Not only that, but consistency is one of the most difficult things to acquire in the trading world. This Kick Course will teach you how to create a suitable trading strategy, how to manage their transactions, and how to be successful by having a higher ratio of winnings to losses in your trades. Furthermore, having a suitable risk management technique is intended to assist traders who have more victories than losses in their trades. Throughout all of the practical lessons and access to real time trading sessions, the most important thing to learn is how to correctly manage your risk via trade size, scaling, and controlling your trades in real time.

Here’s what you will receive from the Kicks Course by Trader Like Rocket

  • Introduction
  • Market Terms: Long vs. Short, Types of Traders, Types of Trading Instruments
  • Trading Mindset: Process vs. Outcome
  • Key Tools: Finvinz,
  • Options Introduction: Options Basics, Options Chain, Options Strategy, Greeks, How to execute a trade
  • Trading Strategy: Momentum, Time Frames, Charting Framework, Support & Resistance, Candlesticks, Indicators, Chart Patterns, Trendlines, Supply & Demand, Sizing & Scaling, Mistakes
  • Practical Sessions: Trades Setup & Confirmations, How to identify choppy days, Backtesting, Trading Checklist, Mid Day Momentum Plays Video, etc.
  • Advanced Strategies: Day trading, Swing trading, Quant Earnings, Flowalgo + Momentum, Scanner Fundamental, Scanz Setting, ThinkorSwim Scanners
  • Q&A Mentorship Sessions: Trading Psychology, Sizing & Scaling
  • LIVE Trading Sessions
  • A long list of informative books for traders 

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Trade Like Rocket uses momentum trading to trade risk for freedom, giving value to traders all around the globe and enabling them to make better decisions. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in trading, enroll in one of the Trade Like Rocket courses and you’ll be empowered to learn how to trade step by step. You will discover how to transform a little amount of money into a large amount of money using high probability set-ups. A few of the topics covered in the Trade Like Rocket course include setting realistic expectations for yourself and others, trading fundamentals and options fundamentals, trading platforms, price actions and technical indicators, the research process and how to make effective use of key tools, trading psychology, and much more.

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