Matthew Woodward – 90 Day SEO Pro 2020

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Matthew Woodward – 90 Day SEO Pro 2020

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Matthew Woodward – 90 Day SEO Pro 2020

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Sale Page : 90dayseo

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Matthew Woodward is a UK-based marketing and SEO guru. He offers many services for businesses and brands via his website.

Matthew Woodward has been on the SEO circuit since 2012, so when the opportunity came around to join his 90 Day SEO Pro course, I jumped in!

Matthew has gained notoriety through his highly acclaimed blog on all things SEO, and also has a growing YouTube channel in which he provides over the shoulder SEO tips and tricks.

Choose Your Target Keywords Topics
Target the best keywords in the right topics with the perfect piece of content to grow your business:
Follow My Structured Approach
Follow my repeatable step by step SEO processes for link building, on page SEO, creating content, finding quick wins, technical SEO, content optimization, internal linking and more:
Rinse and Repeat
Just repeat the process for each topic and keyword that you want to rank-
The 90 Day SEO program teaches you a repeatable step by step process to increase the search visibility of any website.
My name is Matthew Woodward,
I’m an international SEO speaker, SEO blogger and
SEO agency owner.
I published a case study recently where we were able to increase organic search traffic from an average of 9,846 visitors per month to 58,883-
We also increased the number of top 3 results from 197 to 656–
Which completely transformed the businesses bottom line.
And then there was this site where we nearly doubled revenue from organic traffic-
What Is My Secret?
While I would love to be able to brag about all of the super secret techniques we used…
…the truth of the matter is we just followed a repeatable process.
And every time we launch a new site and want to increase search visibility, we just follow that process:
We have repeatable processes for-

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Topic research
Keyword research
Technical audits
Hiring writers
On page SEO
Content planning
Content execution
Link building
And much, much more!

Anytime we want to increase the search visibility of a page…
…we just follow the processes.

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