Max Out Your Trade – October 2021 – Chandler Horton

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Take the course Max Out Your Trade & learn how to day trade options with Chandler Horton from Simpler Trading. Order now to get the short-term trading system!


Max Out Your Trade – A tried-and-true options max-out strategy provided

This program will teach you a comprehensive short-term trading technique that utilizes options to generate high-percentage returns while maintaining sound risk management. You’ll learn how to day trade options and profit on dramatic changes in a variety of market scenarios. You will learn how to properly prepare for each trading session, how to identify critical levels and zones on charts, and how to combine all the indicators. You will discover a short-term trading methodology that capitalizes on moves that span anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

After completing the course Max Out Your Trade, you will walk away with a full short term options trading technique that you can immediately begin using. You will have begun developing a long-lasting skill set that has endured the test of time and that you can use on a daily basis.

The course outline of Max Out Your Trade 

This trading course will walk you through the following sections:

  • Define and Review Day Trading Concepts
  • Full Indicator Introduction & Breakdown
  • Finding Inflection Points & Creating Chart Zones
  • Risk Management & Contract Selection / Account Management
  • Daily Preparation Process & Creating Focus List
  • Tying It All Together

Learn how to day trade options and maximize your trades

The first part of the course Max Out Your Trade covers various day trading concepts. It clarifies the out-of-the-money strategy – a unique way to trade calls and puts. You also learn how to take profits and leave runners, as well as define the best times to trade. 

This trading training program also breaks down a selection of indicators including Ichimoku Cloud, Point of Control (POC), The Squeeze, Keltner Channels & Daily Mean, Middle Line VWAP, and Wedges. 

In addition, the course Max Out Your Trade reveals to you the psychology behind zones and what timeframe to find levels. You also learn how to create zones as well as how to trade with zones combining with other indicators. 

Why you need to master the most lucrative short-term trading system

A short-term trading system enables you to profit from the explosive, high-percentage-return swings that occur every day in the market, regardless of market circumstances.

Day trading may assist you in surviving and perhaps prospering during turbulent, unpredictable times. It may be used to hedge/manage the whole of your account or as a standalone strategy. Additionally, day trading enables you to trade the market at your leisure. That is why this Max Out Your Trade course will become a vital tool in your trading arsenal.

Your instructor’s background: Chandler Horton

Chandler Horton-Amazon for Trader

Chandler Horton is Director of Day Trading Strategies at Simpler Trading. He specializes in day trading and often closes all of his positions within an hour. He enjoys day trading since it enables him to start each day with no bad feelings. Chandler trades solely options and considers the mean/moving average, Squeeze Pro, The Cloud, and Point of Control to be essential tools.

Chandler’s trading strategy entails identifying the finest stocks in play and profiting from breakouts and high momentum using weekly options. He invests much time and effort into his trade, creating his setups at night and evaluating them the next morning. Chandler can teach you all you need to know about day trading and how to be successful in your day-to-day transactions. He will push you to improve your trades and your life as a whole, so be prepared for it to happen.

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