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The Simpler Trading course Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading provides you with a number of indicators that are beneficial for your trading.


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This package is available for a limited time only at this special price. Raghee’s Indicator Workspace Bundle, which she utilizes on a daily basis to identify wins like this one, is built on the same foundation indications she’s used for her trading over the last two decades. High-probability explosive setups in up or down markets are intended to be revealed. When you purchase Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle, you’ll get the following items:

  • The VWAP Max Tool
  • VScore Indicator
  • VScore Bands $197 Value
  • VProfile Indicator $197 Value
  • ST_Darvas Box $297 Value
  • ST_Propulsion Indicator
  • JT Multi Trend Indicator
  • GRaB & Wave Premium
  • Bonus: Indicator Setup with Eric Purdy

A brief description of powerful indicators included in the course Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading by Simpler Trading

  • The VWAP Max indicator: Created to display at a glance the average price level of market sellers.
  • The VScore Indicator: A non-lagging oscillator that signals when markets have gone too far out on a limb, indicating where large money flows will and will not play. VScore identifies areas of support and resistance that the market is unaware of, while also allowing us to observe submarket patterns.
  • VScore Bands: The VScore bands address an often asked question and request to see where the VScore would plot on the price chart, indicating clearly where support and resistance will be located.
  • Volume Profile: To complicate matters further, the Wall Street Machine employs numerous tiers of volume profile. Charts can appear to be complicated and cluttered.
  • The JT Multi Trend indicator: A quick-reference tool that indicates if a sign is bullish, bearish, or neutral. Raghee recommends dual green or dual red for the most fashionable styles.
  • ST Propulsion Indicator: A more straightforward way to visualize trend strength, providing entry and stop signals based on their relationship to current price.
  • GRaB & Wave Premium: Helps you understand patterns and momentum. This is Raghee’s secret tool for staying on top of the year’s hottest trends.
  • ST Darvas Box: A day trading and swing trading tool. When certain circumstances are met, a box around the related price action is produced.

Meet the author Raghee Horner

Raghee Horner

One of Simpler Trading’s most knowledgeable forex experts, Raghee Horner has written multiple books on the subject. In our Simpler Futures Gold Room, Raghee’s passion for what she does and her desire to share that passion with others shows through. If you want to learn about the futures and FX markets from the ground up, her mix of technical analysis and market psychology is exactly what you need. After all, she started keeping track of her mutual fund’s performance on engineering graph paper at the age of 15.

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Simpler Trading is an internet trading platform founded by John F. Crater, a trading industry icon. In contrast to other trading firms that focus on theory and hypothesis, Simpler Trading gives prospective traders real-time trade notifications and practical trading suggestions. Its objective is to increase your confidence and decrease your tuition to the market by offering you an edge in trading that you will not find anywhere else. If having a mentor is one of the most critical aspects of trading, then Simpler Trading is the ideal palace to visit. The Simpler Trading Team is a group of great trading mentors who are experts in a variety of markets, including Options, Stocks, and Futures. Each of them was hand-picked by John Carter, so you’ll never have to worry about their professionalism or commitment to educating the trading community to which you belong.

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