Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package – Joe Rokup – Simpler Trading

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The Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package by Joe Rokup from Simpler Trading will provide you with an edge that allows you to win in any market circumstance.


Introducing the Strike Zone Strategy of Joe Rokup 

When it comes to day trading futures, most traders fail because they either miss the Strike Zone or get caught by computer-generated swings. They’re unable to manage risk, discover trades, and avoid unnecessary losses if they don’t have simple repeatable setups and exact formulaic inputs. Now it’s possible to make regular improvements even when you’re asleep thanks to Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy.

Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package - Joe Rokup - Simpler Trading

What you expect to learn inside this Simpler Trading course – Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package 

Traders are frequently left behind when the market unexpectedly changes in their favor. As of late, we’ve seen accounts wiped out by both a sharp decline and a new all-time high. Traders are left seeking for a more effective approach to trade and increase their account growth because they lack knowledge of the current market and how to adapt to it. Trying to figure out how to deal with these sudden market changes? Joe knows precisely what you need to get your finances back on track. Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Class seeks to show you how he’s able to spot market moves and profit handsomely in a shorter period of time. Joe’s 15-year track record shows that account growth is feasible in practically any market. It is now his desire that he be able to continue to impart his special set of abilities to other merchants. Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package includes the following items:

  • Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 
  • Bonus: Intro to Futures 
  • 2 Days Pro Live-Trading 
  • 2 Days Elite Live-Trading. 

About your instructor Joe Rokup – Managing Director of Commodities and Equities

Joe Rokop is a commodities and equity trader with a focus on futures. His professional trading background includes both commercial and proprietary trading. Joe concentrates his 15 years of trading expertise on commodities, indices, and stocks through futures, options, and over-the-counter derivatives. Joe Rokop started his profession immediately upon graduation from college on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. He developed a grasp of pattern identification, volume analysis, and calculated trading methods during his time there. Joe’s professional expertise, along with his in-depth market flow and volume understanding, offers him an advantage over the majority of retail traders. His primary objective at Simpler Trading is to assist others in becoming better traders and achieving superior outcomes. He really likes sharing his experiences, imparting his vast expertise, and guiding his customers toward their objectives.

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Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading is an online platform that was created by John F. Crater, a legend in this trading industry. Unlike any trading firm that focuses on theory and hypothesis, Simpler Trading provides aspiring traders instant trade notifications with actual trading ideas in real-time. Simpler Trading is on the mission to help you become more confident and reduce your tuition to the market by providing you an edge to be successful in trading that you cannot find anywhere else. If having a mentor is one of the most vital things you need to have in trading, then Simpler Trading is the right palace for you to come. The Simpler Trading Team is a collection of incredible trading mentors who expertise in a wide range of topics such as Options, Stocks, Futures, and more. Each of them was hand-picked by John Carter himself so you never have to concern about the professionalism and the dedication they contribute in the education of the trading community where you belong to. 

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