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Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 includes HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators. Download now to get an adaptive edge for your trading!



Trading is comparable to driving a vehicle. How quickly you drive is determined by whether you’re on a straight or curving route, correct? The markets are the same. When your trend indicators are in sync, it’s as if the road is straight, allowing you to travel more quickly. However, when the market is choppy, it resembles a road with hairpin twists, necessitating a far slower pace.

Every trader needs an indication that is effective in both moving and non-trending markets. That is why the TrendOscillator Pro and HiLo Pro indicators operate in unison to inform you promptly whether the road ahead is straight or curvy.

Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022: Get HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators in one package

Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 will provide you with updated dynamic momentum tools that enabled Sam to transform $80k into $320k in only 12 months, a 300% annual return.

Every day, Sam uses his dynamic momentum tools to find the best of the finest settings and discard the rest. This offers consecutive profit chances to enter and exit. Now, with Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022, both novice and experienced traders may utilize Sam’s tools on any market or period and adjust their trading approach to the current trend circumstances.

How do the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators work?

Sam Shames created this updated indication to indicate when a chart has a perfect trend. This enables easy navigation across charts and identification of trend quality at a glance. Is it vertical, horizontal, or angled? There is no longer any guessing; you can see instantaneously. The objective is to take just the best of the best transactions that correspond to your trend criteria and to ignore the remainder.

When equities are not moving, the new and enhanced HiLo Pro Oscillator shines due to its ability to highlight Sam’s Frowns and Smiles patterns. Sam uses a straightforward three-step approach to determine when to execute trades using the built-in timing arrows. The HiLo Pro detects material oversold and overbought circumstances with the least amount of noise or false alerts possible.

What’s you will get with Sam Ultimate Indicator Bundle beside the indicators

  • How to use the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators to determine if a chart is trending or not immediately
  • How to quickly detect ideal trends with pure momentum
  • How to utilize the divergence of TrendOscillator Pro to forecast trend changes on any chart
  • The game-changing momentum indicator that anticipates trend shifts
  • How to trade Smiles and Frowns with the HiLo Pro indicator
  • In three easy stages, learn how to utilize the HiLo Pro indicator’s arrows to timing trades
  • Additionally, these indicators are meant to act in conjunction with one another.

Your instructor’s background: Sam Shames

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Sam Shames, the VP of Options at Simpler Trading, specializes in short-term trading of options, stocks, and macroeconomics. He started trading in 2007 by trading index futures and stocks intraday. He eventually diversified into options trading, which is currently his primary trading vehicle.

Sam analyzes a stock setup’s structure and momentum using two distinct indicators: the Trend Oscillator and the HiLo Stochastic. Both give critical information regarding a chart’s momentum.

Sam Shames is typically a short-term swing trader, although he will hold a trade as long as the setups and market momentum signal are valid. Additionally, he will exit a trade if any of the underlying circumstances change, collect profits, and search for a re-entry when the trade setting regains its clarity.

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