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Scottphillips – Price Action Masterclass.

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Scottphillips – Price Action Masterclass

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Before I Learned This Method I Lost a Shit Ton Of Money

Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips
When I felt bearish I saw trendlines broken everywhere. As a result I would take terrible short trades.
Truth is that I just felt bearish because the market was going up and I wanted to feel “smart” by picking a top.
That desire to be right… to feel smart… to “show those arrogant bulls” bit me in the ass. Every single time.
I would think I knew the future and go out and find technical analysis to support my view. I was just seeking a justification to take the trade.
I would also hang out on the internet with some of the worst traders in the world. At bear-central… places like slope of hope and zerohedge.. aka zero-edge.

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