The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques – A New Course by Dr. Gary

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The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques – A New Course by Dr. Gary.

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The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques – A New Course by Dr. Gary

Sale Page : tradingpsychologyedge

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Dr. Gary teaches you how to read the market using price and volume like an astute professional trader. Mastering the materials in the course will set you apart from the average trader.

You will learn to look at any chart and tell whether selling or buying is dominate, how price and volume are acting,  and where the trades are setting up in the market’s structure. You will also learn to know where to set your stop, the all-important management of the trade to its profit target or, should the chart dictate, closing the trade early due to adverse price action.  Details are below.  Free Webinar Recording also Below.

For serious traders who want to accelerate their trading skills & abilities, we are offering the Professional Reading Bar-by-Bar course with 12 sessions of Deep Practice with Dr. Gary for an additional $100 ($236 Value) where traders meet weekly and learn to apply chart reading skills in a learning environment.  You will be guided through a market by Dr. Gary.  We walk forward charts, bar-by-bar, identifying trade locations, price and volume patterns, market structures, trade management, and trading psychology.

The New Course consists of two parts:

Part 1: Recorded Tutorial – more than 2 hours

Part 2: Recorded Tutorial – more than 2.5 hoursHow to read the market, bar-by-bar, on any timeframe from a 1-minute chart to a monthly chart.

  • What high volume and abnormal volume activity mean
  • What low volume and dullness mean
  • How to tell if a pullback is likely to continue the trend
  • Bag holding and capping the market
  • What the range of a bar means, including narrow and wide range bars
  • What climactic action means, how to see it, and how to trade it.
  • A key price and volume indication that portends the end of a trend
  • Thinking in terms of waves and the use of the Weis Wave
  • Shortening of the thrust in price bars and waves
  • What to look for that creates the end of a move and the beginning of a pullback
  • What it means when the market is absorbing supply for a larger move up and how to see this
  • Effort vs result and when this becomes important

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