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The Fractal Flow course Price Action Trading Vol.3 teaches you how to trade price action using extremely precise examples and several more information.


About the course Price Action Trading Vol.3 of Fractal Flow

When it comes to price fluctuations, the word price action refers to the characteristics of the price variations of an item. This movement is usually compared to recent price changes to determine its significance. Instead of relying just on technical indicators, price action trading allows traders to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on prior and real price changes, rather than relying only on technical indicators alone. Because it disregards basic research in favor of recent and historical price movement, the price action trading method is largely reliant on technical analysis tools to be successful in the market.

The Fractal Flow course Price Action Trading Vol.3 will teach you how to use the price action approach taught in Vol.1 through the use of highly comprehensive examples and numerous more details. The following are the benefits of the course:

  • Scientific concepts underpin its construction.
  • Twelve lectures in high definition video.
  • Appropriate for ANY market or any period.
  • It may be used in conjunction with FFS, MMS, NTS, and PAT1 or alone.
  • Instant downloads are available.
  • Cost-effective access to high-level information.
  • Techniques/Setups for Exact Technical Analysis
  • Opportunities for Trade are frequent.
  • Guidelines for Risk Management that are Simple, Sound, and Safe
  • Price Action: Understanding the Nuances Vol. 1
  • Support through email

We are excited to introduce you to the course Price Action Trading Vol.3, a collection of 12 lessons that cover a wide range of subjects and expertise, allowing you to take your price action trading to a whole new level.

  1. B-Axis Ambiguity & Measuring Volatility Range Failure
  2. Market Duality & the Symmetry Between Stable & Unstable Conditions
  3. Variable Trading Time, Flow Transformations & Circular Decomposition
  4. Strange Manipulation & the Reverse Engineering Principle Importance
  5. Chaotic Dynamic Frequency Breakouts & Dynamic Between Price Vectors
  6. The Effect of Reverse Von Restorff, the Nobel Prize in Economics & Pitchforks
  7. Market Manipulation, Momentum Vectoring & Powerful Lines
  8. The Precise Entry Dynamic & the Great Trade Elements
  9. The Intricate Relationship Between Players in Various Fractal Dimensions
  10. Advanced Praxeological Lines, Good Stops, & the Edge Trading
  11. The Volatility Dissipation Asymmetry & Market Rationality
  12. Trading with Simple Lines & the Imprecision Cascading Effect 

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Fractal Flow is a company dedicated entirely to the provision of high-quality educational materials on trading, financial markets, economics, econometrics, econophysics, and other related subjects such as differential calculus, fractal geometry, linear algebra, mathematical statistics, and game theory. All of this is done with a particular emphasis on trading tactics and strategies. Fractal Flow acknowledges that, in addition to the supply and demand logic of markets, trade has an element of unpredictability and randomness. They make every effort to account for the true complexity of the markets and the unique characteristics of each trader.

With that stated, attempting to read significant financial literature on your own might be challenging for individuals lacking the required qualifications. Additionally, Fractal Flow seeks to help this process by presenting critical ideas and concepts in a more natural manner. The majority of traders first gravitate toward technical analysis without fully comprehending its hazards. By developing more sophisticated concepts, the trader might become aware of the technical analysis’s traps. According to Fractal Flow, 95% of technical analysis is erroneous for a number of reasons. They seek to foster this knowledge by highlighting the contrasts between various branches of research. The legitimacy of Fractal Flow as a teaching tool stems from our faith in the scientific method’s objectivity as a guiding light.

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