Profit Fusion Formula Elite Package with Allison Ostrander

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Are you losing out on amazing transactions as a result of life getting in the way? On most days, you may just have a few minutes to peruse the market. Too many traders continue to suffer from this disadvantage. If you are related with this case, there is a method to earn a steady income while spending less time in front of a computer screen.

The profitable method covered in the course Profit Fusion Formula will enable you to master how to generate consistent income trading options. Keep reading for further information about this course in terms of content outline, learners’ outcomes, and its application. 

Flip trade investment – Turn your loss into winning with the Profit Fusion Formula 

Profit Fusion Formula is a formula that provides several avenues for success and the ability to produce continuous, even hourly, options revenue.

Allison Ostrander created this method because she needed a lucrative trading strategy that did not consume her whole time as a full-time trader and new mother. Allison demonstrates how she uses this time-tested technique to preserve her investments while generating steady income in only a few minutes a day.

If you’re seeking a low-stress strategy to earn a steady income from options, don’t miss this incredible technique.

Here’s what you are going to learn from the course Profit Fusion Formula: 

  • Allison’s strategy for obtaining returns ranging from 20% to 381% within 48 hours
  • How to breakeven on lost trades or better
  • How to earn a living from daily choices with less than $25K
  • Allison’s guaranteed profits on 80% of her preferred trades
  • Capturing risk-free option cash flow reliably

Inside the Profit Fusion Formula Elite Package

What will you get with your money?

The purchase of this course bundle will provide you with the following items:

  • Profit Fusion Formula Class 
  • Divergent Bar Indicator 
  • Bonus: Intro to Butterflies 
  • Compound Breakout Tool 
  • 2 Days Recorded Live-Trading 
  • Bonus: Wrap-Up Recorded Live-Trading

Is it a good program to learn how to generate consistent income trading options?

Let’s go into the description of each section covered in this Profit Fusion Formula course to see how it benefits your trade.

Profit Fusion Formula Class: If you want to earn money from options without constantly monitoring the market, this class is for you. Because Allison is a risk-averse trader who values high returns, this lesson demonstrates how she converts potentially losing bets to breakeven or better.

Divergent Bar Indicator: This very effective indicator detects Allison’s Divergent Bar pattern by anticipating the expected price behavior of the following bar. This straightforward indicator is intended to identify reversals that provide a high probability of return with a low risk. It may be employed in all market conditions, including up, down, and consolidating markets, on almost any chart or time period. It may also be used to find fresh IPO stocks, since it requires just a few bars to uncover possibilities. What makes this indicator so effective is its ability to forecast the behavior of the subsequent bar.

Compound Breakout Tool: The Compound Breakout Tool is a game-changer for identifying setups, particularly during unpredictable market circumstances. Allison’s proprietary combination of range, momentum, and trend analytics indicates her complex breakout pattern. It is intended to highlight continuation situations in both up and down markets.

Two Days Of Recorded Live-Trading: This is your chance to see Allison as she searches for trading opportunities throughout live market sessions, including intraday and swing transactions. Due to the fact that recorded trading allows you to analyze and understand what works in actual market situations, it is a quicker approach to master these tools.

BONUS: Wrap-Up Recorded Live-Trading

Following the two days of live trading, you’ll get an additional recorded wrap-up session with Allison. The objective is to maximize your profits from all recorded live trading sessions by studying all of her deals and internalizing what you’ve learnt. This is an extremely valuable post-action review opportunity that you may use at any moment to refresh your memory on all you learnt during the recorded real-time market sessions.

Allison Ostrander’s background 

Allison Ostrander - amazon4trader

Allison Ostrander is Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading. She is the author of the aforementioned course Profit Fusion Formula. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from Stephen F. Austin State University, Allison didn’t want to become an artist as her major. She started taking trading options as an experiment with a trading account on paper. Afterwards, she decided to pursue trading as a full-time career beside investing in personal coaching classes. 

Nowadays, Allison Ostrander works as an integral part of Simpler Trading, where she shares her knowledge and decades of hands-on options trading experience within the community. In addition, she teaches others how to trade, how to minimize the loss, how to grasp the complex trading strategies and chart patterns in an easy-to-understand language. That’s what makes Allison Ostrander and Simpler Trading become widely popular for traders at all levels who are looking forward to learning trading simply and easily. 

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