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Take the course Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022 and discover how John Carter creates steady weekly income. Order now and start to scale your account up!


Introducing John Carter’s course: Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022 

The weekly wire approach by John Carter will teach you how to earn a livelihood from trading while also increasing your net worth. Week-to-week options transactions are used to provide steady revenue and account development.

There are times when huge directional profits are possible, times when trading for income is necessary, and times when a mix of both is appropriate. You may limit risk and enhance consistent earnings by using Weekly Wires. Invented by Simpler Trading’s founder John Carter, this approach enables him to forecast weekly profits of 2.5%, allowing him to quadruple his portfolio every year.

Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022 is the course and method you need if you want to generate consistent yearly returns.

What you will get inside the Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022

  • Weekly Wires Strategy class 
  • Weekly Price Statistics Indicator 
  • Two Week Statistics Indicator
  • Recorded Live Trading 
  • Homework: The Squeeze System
  • Homework: Options 101 
  • Bonus: Weekly Wires TOS Scans
  • Bonus: Stops and Targets spreadsheet 
  • Bonus: Vig Spreadsheet

The take-away lessons of this Simpler Trading training program

  • John’s account was wiped out by the nightmarish lesson he learned early in his career, but it taught him how to become continuously successful
  • The methods utilized to increase a company’s annual revenue by six figures or more
  • Calculates the actual price range for the next seven days using weekly option revenue statistics
  • How to acquire a massive edge over even the largest Wall Street funds by combining the expected movement with predicted actual bi-weekly goals
  • a low-risk trading strategy dubbed 120% annual return that John employs to generate regular profits.

Get to know your instructor John Carter


When it comes to investing, John Carter is the mastermind behind Simpler Trading, which combines technical analysis with a macroeconomic perspective. Proven strategies uncover large-directional plays that may be leveraged with options and futures as well as neutral points in time for income trading when the market is behind.

The Squeeze is John Carter’s hallmark indication, and he utilizes it often to get in on the action before everyone else. Traders may utilize John’s tools to discover setups that match their own risk criteria and adapt his aggressive trades to suit their own needs. You will benefit much from his trading setups, market expertise, and advice on how to keep improving as a trader.

About the sales page Simpler Trading

Simpler-Trading-Amazon for Trader

Simpler Trading is John Carter’s first venture, specializing in online trading classes, trading tools and indicators, and other trading-related services for traders of all skill levels.

Simpler Trading, unlike any other educational trading platform, focuses on real-time trading and alerts rather than assumptions and theories. As a member of this website, you will have access to a vast collection of information and tools that will immediately elevate your skills.

If you’re looking for a simple way to understand trading principles and tactics, Simpler Trading is the place to go. What sets this platform apart from the competition is its seasoned and devoted specialists who will guide you through your learning process and throughout your trading career.

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