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The AFM Proprietary One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor Academy covers everything you need to know from beginner to advance trader


AFM Proprietary One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor Academy: The ultimate trading program with a high level of professionalism

This is by far the most feature-rich and feature-rich trading software ever created. This is intended for use by traders with a high level of experience. When Ezekiel Chew teaches the banks how to trade, it’s the exact same method he employs at home to earn six figures each transaction while living a stress-free existence. To create something that will endure for generations, Ezekiel Chew has developed the AFM Proprietary One Core Program. 40 years from now, it may even be considered an industry classic. He will reveal all of his own techniques and tools in this session. In this section, you’ll learn everything from how to become a skilled trader to what we do in the background.

It takes work, patience, and dedication to improve a talent like trading. You need to be dedicated to mastering this skill. However, if you’re successful, you’ll have a valuable asset to hand on to the next generation: the ability to make money. A talent that will provide a lifetime’s worth of food for you and your family. This is what the Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s AFM Proprietary One Core Program is all about. All of Ezekiel Chew’s hard labor spent testing and tweaking and failing and testing and tweaking again until he finally figured out a system, just to have it fail repeatedly, are organized into these teachings.

From novice to expert trader, the Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s AFM Proprietary One Core Program has all you need to know. Ezekiel Chew’s method of teaching is simple to grasp since he begins with theory and then illustrates it using actual charts.

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In the field of forex trading education, Asia Forex Mentor Academy is the number one authority in the region, having been featured in numerous media outlets and hosting notable forex speakers at major forex events across the world. A significant reason why Asia Forex Mentor is the industry leader in forex trading training is because they aspire to be your last destination on your forex trading learning journey. In order to make trading all about probability and winning ratio, they have transformed the concept of trading by intuition into a very methodical approach to trading. So it’s no surprise that the Asia Forex Mentor Academy has generated so many successful forex traders who began their careers from the ground up, as well as helped so many established traders turn their trading careers around from losing to profitable. The One Core Program is one of two flagship training programs offered by Asia Forex Mentor Academy.

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